Spectroscopy Made Hard(er)
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Spectroscopy Made Harder

Gotta pay back that tech debt.


  • Andrew R. Casey (Monash)
  • Alex Ji (Carnegie Observatories)


  • v0.1 is the current stable version. Things are working and it is being used for papers.
  • v0.2 is the active development version.

If you are new to SMH, you should use v0.2, because the underlying data format has changed significantly. Files are not backwards compatible, but there is a script to convert old save files into new save files.


This is one way that I (Alex) got things running from a fresh mac install and I'm putting it here as a record of some things I had to do. Default anaconda does not officially support pyside, but I think conda-forge does. We may switch to that, or a different version of PySide, in the future. For now, this works...

  • Download full anaconda with python 2.7
  • conda install pyside: this will install pyside v1.1.1
  • Go to ~/anaconda/lib and make a new symlink for libpyside-python2.7.1.1.dylib from one that looks almost the same (e.g. libpyside-python2.
  • Do the same thing for libshiboken when you see the error message.
  • install qt4:
brew tap cartr/qt4
brew tap-pin cartr/qt4
brew install qt@4
  • conda install qt=4.8.7 (you may have to uninstall and downgrade some things for this to work; it should be safe to upgrade those later)
  • Clone smhr
  • Go into the smhr directory and python setup.py develop
  • Go to smhr/smh/gui and open with ipython __main__.py
  • If you have problems with qt_menu.nib, use ~/anaconda/bin/python.app __main__.py instead of ipython. (I have fixed this on my laptop by copying it somewhere but I cannot find where.)
  • There are some problems with segfaults that we are working out.