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This repository contains the ansible role docker.
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Ansible Role: docker

Install docker and provide usefull settings for it.


Supported operating systems: see


  • pin to specific version

    You can pin your Docker engine to specific version (creating special file /etc/apt/preferences.d/docker-ce) when this configuration parameter contain version as string, for example latest known stable version is 18.03.1~ce-0~ubuntu. By default this feature is disabled, as this Ansible role trying to install Docker engine close to it's official guide

  • be continued


  • docker-containers (or docker-orchestrate): Only orchestrate docker containers given by docker.containers.
  • docker-networks: Only create user-defined docker networks of type bridge, given by docker.networks.
  • docker-compose: Only install/update/actualize docker-compose utility with given version docker.compose.version.
  • docker-repository: Only add actual docker repository key and repository itself to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list (if no defaults were redefined, see options docker.repositories), install all needed python modules for ansible apt* modules. Also remove outdated repositories and keys.
  • docker-repository-key: Only add actual docker repository key and remove outdated keys.
  • docker-package, docker-packages (alias): Allow only pin docker package version and upgrade it.
  • docker-config: Create crossplatform docker configuration file (default Linux location is /etc/docker/daemon.json)
  • docker-users: Add given users to docker group to make them use docker without sudo.
  • docker-swarm: Execute all Docker Swarm tasks on given docker.swarm.manager host. Docker Swarm should be active on the target host.
  • docker-secrets: Manage secrets. Docker Swarm should be active on the target host.
  • docker-secrets-show: Show secrets in clear text. USE WITH CAUTION! This task executed only when this tag specified explicitly.
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