Egret is an Ocaml-like language targeting Erlang's BEAM.
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Egret is an Ocaml-like language targeting Erlang's BEAM. It is a learning tool, not production software.


  • rebar
  • make
  • erlando (automatically downloaded and built by rebar)


To build the egret compiler just run make.

$ make

This will place the egret executable in the bin subdirectory.


The egret compiler can only take one parameter, the file to compile. For example:

$ ./bin/egret test/add.egret

This will generate a BEAM file in the same directory as the source file. In this case it will be test/add.beam. From here, the BEAM file can be used just like any other; all functions are exported by default.

$ cd test
$ erl
Eshell V7.2  (abort with ^G)
$ 1> l(add).

The above moves to the test directory, starts the Erlang shell, and loads the add BEAM file just built. To call a function:

$ 2> add:add(3.0).

Also, all egret modules export a main/0 function that executes all the top level expressions.

$ 3> add:main().