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;;;; ASTeroids
; vim: ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 et ai
(ql:quickload "lispbuilder-sdl")
(ql:quickload "lispbuilder-sdl-gfx")
(defpackage :asteroids
(:use :cl :sdl)
(:export main))
(in-package :asteroids)
(defparameter *map-width* 640)
(defparameter *map-height* 480)
(defparameter *window* nil)
(defparameter *window-width* 640)
(defparameter *deceleration* 0.99)
(defparameter *ticks* 0)
(defparameter *powerup-max-age* 9)
(defparameter *explosion-max-radius* 0.5)
(defun vector-sum (a b)
(mapcar #'+ a b))
(defun vector-scale (v factor)
(mapcar #'* v (list factor factor)))
(defun vector-subtract (a b)
(mapcar #'- a b))
;;; distance between point a and point b
;;; parameters must be lists of 2 numbers (x y)
(defun my-distance (a b)
(sqrt (apply #'+
(mapcar (lambda (x)
(expt x 2))
(vector-subtract a b)))))
(defun square-from-midpoint (point radius)
(rectangle-from-midpoint-* (x point)
(y point)
(* radius 2)
(* radius 2)))
(defun deg->rad (degs)
(* degs (/ pi 180)))
(defun rad->deg (rads)
(* rads (/ 180 pi)))
(defun radial-point-from (p radius angle)
(point :x (+ (* radius (sin (deg->rad angle))) (x p))
:y (+ (* radius (cos (deg->rad angle))) (y p))))
(defun get-ticks ()
(let ((ticks (shiftf *ticks* (sdl-get-ticks))))
(* (- *ticks* ticks) 0.001)))
;;; represents an object on the game map
(defclass mob ()
((pos :initarg :pos :initform '(0.5 0.5) :accessor pos)
(radius :initarg :radius :accessor radius)
(velocity :initarg :velocity :initform '(0 0) :accessor velocity)))
(defclass asteroid (mob)
((size :initarg :size :initform 'big :reader size)
(radii :initform nil :accessor radii)
(rotation :initform (* (- (random 1.0) 0.5) 5) :reader rotation)
(facing :initform 0 :accessor facing)
(pos :initform `(,(random 1.0) ,(random 1.0)))))
(defclass bullet (mob)
((radius :initform 0.005)
(ship :initarg :ship :accessor ship)))
(defclass explosion (mob)
((radius :initform 0)))
(defclass powerup (mob)
((radius :initform 0.03)
(age :initform 0 :accessor age)))
(defclass bullet-powerup (powerup) ())
(defclass freeze-powerup (powerup) ())
(defclass shield-powerup (powerup) ())
(defclass ship (mob)
((timers :initform (make-hash-table) :accessor timers)
(acceleration :initform '(0 0) :accessor acceleration)
(facing :initform 0 :accessor facing)
(radius :initform 0.04)))
(defclass timer ()
((remaining :initarg :seconds :initform 0 :accessor remaining)))
(defclass world ()
((mobs :initform nil :accessor mobs)
(ship :initform nil :accessor ship)
(bullet :initform nil :accessor bullet)
(timers :initform (make-hash-table) :accessor timers)
(level :initform 0 :accessor level)
(num-asteroids :initform 0 :accessor num-asteroids)
(score :initform 0 :accessor score)
(max-level :initform 0 :accessor max-level)
(high-score :initform 0 :accessor high-score)
(lives :initform 0 :accessor lives)))
(defmethod collide ((mob mob) (other mob) (world world)) t)
(defmethod map-coords ((mob mob))
(destructuring-bind (x y) (pos mob)
(point :x (round (* x *map-width*))
:y (round (* y *map-height*)))))
(defun relative-coords (x y)
(list (/ x *map-width*) (/ y *map-height*)))
(defmethod map-radius ((mob mob))
(round (* (radius mob) *map-width*)))
(defmethod update ((mob mob) time-delta (world world))
(setf (pos mob)
(mapcar (lambda (x) (mod x 1))
(vector-sum (pos mob)
(vector-scale (velocity mob)
(defmethod intersects-p ((mob mob) (other mob))
(< (my-distance (pos mob) (pos other))
(+ (radius mob) (radius other))))
(defmethod render ((mob mob))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((asteroid asteroid) &key)
(let ((radius (cdr (assoc (size asteroid)
'((big . 0.1) (medium . 0.075) (small . 0.05)))))
(spd (cdr (assoc (size asteroid)
'((big . 0.1) (medium . 0.15) (small . 0.25))))))
(setf (radius asteroid) radius)
(setf (radii asteroid)
(loop for i from 0 below 20
collect (round (* (+ 0.9 (random 0.2))
(map-radius asteroid)))))
(setf (velocity asteroid)
`(,(- (random (* 2 spd)) spd) ,(- (random (* 2 spd)) spd)))))
(defun random-powerup (&key pos)
(make-instance (case (random 3)
(0 'bullet-powerup)
(1 'freeze-powerup)
(2 'shield-powerup))
:pos pos))
(defmethod break-down ((asteroid asteroid) (world world))
(with-slots ((pos pos) (size size)) asteroid
(if (eq size 'small)
;; gradually reduce the probability of powerups appearing
(if (< (random 100) (/ 100 (+ 4 (* (level world) 0.3))))
`(,(random-powerup :pos pos))
(let ((smaller (cond
((eq size 'big) 'medium)
((eq size 'medium) 'small))))
`(,(make-instance 'asteroid :pos pos :size smaller)
,(make-instance 'asteroid :pos pos :size smaller))))))
(defmethod done ((timer timer))
(<= (ceiling (remaining timer)) 0))
(defmethod frozen-p ((world world))
(let ((timer (gethash 'freeze (timers world) nil)))
(and timer
(not (done timer)))))
(defmethod update ((asteroid asteroid) time-delta (world world))
(declare (ignore time-delta))
(when (not (frozen-p world))
(incf (facing asteroid) (rotation asteroid))
(defmethod render ((asteroid asteroid))
(draw-polygon (loop for i from 0
for r in (radii asteroid)
collect (radial-point-from (map-coords asteroid) r
(+ (facing asteroid)
(* i 18))))
:color *white*))
(defmethod remove-from-world ((world world) (mob mob))
(setf (mobs world) (remove mob (mobs world))))
(defmethod remove-from-world :after ((world world) (asteroid asteroid))
(decf (num-asteroids world)))
(defmethod remove-from-world :after ((world world) (ship ship))
(setf (ship world) nil))
(defmethod update ((powerup powerup) time-delta (world world))
(when (> (ceiling (incf (age powerup) time-delta))
(remove-from-world world powerup)))
(defmethod add-score ((world world) (score number))
(setf (high-score world)
(max (incf (score world) score)
(high-score world))))
(defmethod add-score ((world world) (powerup powerup))
(add-score world (* (level world) 10)))
(defmethod add-score ((world world) (asteroid asteroid))
(add-score world (cdr (assoc (size asteroid)
'((big . 1) (medium . 2) (small . 5))))))
(defmethod collide :before ((ship ship) (powerup powerup) (world world))
(remove-from-world world powerup)
(add-score world powerup))
(defmethod powerup-active-p ((ship ship) powerup)
(let ((timer (gethash powerup (timers ship) nil)))
(and timer
(not (done timer)))))
(defmethod add-seconds ((timer timer) seconds)
(incf (remaining timer) seconds))
(defmethod add-shield ((ship ship) &key (seconds 0))
(if (powerup-active-p ship 'shield)
(add-seconds (gethash 'shield (timers ship)) seconds)
(setf (gethash 'shield (timers ship))
(make-instance 'timer :seconds seconds))))
(defmethod collide :before ((ship ship) (powerup shield-powerup) (world world))
(add-shield ship :seconds 6))
(defmethod render ((powerup shield-powerup))
(let ((coords (map-coords powerup))
(radius (map-radius powerup)))
(draw-circle coords radius
:color *green*)
(draw-polygon `(,(radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.8)) 40)
,(radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.8)) 0)
,(radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.8)) -40)
,(radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.8)) -135)
,(radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.8)) 135))
:color *white*)))
(defmethod add-super-bullets ((ship ship) &key (seconds 0))
(if (powerup-active-p ship 'super-bullets)
(add-seconds (gethash 'super-bullets (timers ship)) seconds)
(setf (gethash 'super-bullets (timers ship))
(make-instance 'timer :seconds seconds))))
(defmethod collide :before ((ship ship) (powerup bullet-powerup) (world world))
(add-super-bullets ship :seconds 6))
(defmethod render ((powerup bullet-powerup))
(let ((coords (map-coords powerup))
(radius (map-radius powerup)))
(draw-circle coords radius
:color *magenta*)
(draw-circle coords (round (* radius 0.3))
:color *white*)))
(defmethod add-freeze ((world world) &key (seconds 0))
(if (frozen-p world)
(add-seconds (gethash 'freeze (timers world)) seconds)
(setf (gethash 'freeze (timers world))
(make-instance 'timer :seconds seconds))))
(defmethod collide :before ((ship ship) (powerup freeze-powerup) (world world))
(add-freeze world :seconds 6))
(defmethod render ((powerup freeze-powerup))
(let ((coords (map-coords powerup))
(radius (map-radius powerup)))
(draw-circle coords radius
:color *cyan*)
(draw-polygon (loop for i from 0 to 11
collect (radial-point-from coords
(round (* radius (if (= (mod i 2) 0)
(* i 30)))
:color *white*)))
(defmethod add-to-world ((world world) (mob mob))
(setf (mobs world) (cons mob (mobs world)))
(values mob))
(defmethod collide :before ((ship ship) (asteroid asteroid) (world world))
(unless (powerup-active-p ship 'shield)
(remove-from-world world ship)
(add-to-world world (make-instance 'explosion :pos (pos ship)))
(decf (lives world))))
(defmethod in-world-p ((world world) (mob mob))
(find mob (mobs world)))
(defmethod ship-moved ((world world) (ship ship))
(dolist (mob (mobs world))
(when (and (not (eq ship mob))
(intersects-p ship mob))
(collide ship mob world))
;; if a collision destroyed the ship, stop checking for collisions
(when (not (in-world-p world ship))
(return ship))))
(defmethod update-timer ((timer timer) time-delta)
(unless (done timer)
(decf (remaining timer) time-delta)))
(defmethod update :around ((ship ship) time-delta (world world))
(setf (velocity ship)
(vector-scale (vector-sum (velocity ship)
(acceleration ship))
(maphash (lambda (name timer)
(declare (ignore name))
(update-timer timer time-delta))
(timers ship))
(ship-moved world ship))
(defmethod thrust-at ((ship ship) coords)
(setf (acceleration ship)
(vector-sum (acceleration ship)
(vector-scale (vector-subtract coords (pos ship))
(defmethod stop-thrust ((ship ship))
(setf (acceleration ship) '(0 0)))
(defmethod shoot-at ((ship ship) coords (world world))
(let ((bullet (make-instance 'bullet :pos (pos ship)
:ship ship)))
(setf (velocity bullet)
(vector-scale (vector-subtract coords (pos bullet))
(add-to-world world bullet)))
(defmethod render ((ship ship))
(let* ((coords (map-coords ship))
(radius (map-radius ship))
(facing (facing ship))
(nose (radial-point-from coords radius facing))
(left (radial-point-from coords radius (- facing 130)))
(right (radial-point-from coords radius (+ facing 130)))
(tail (radial-point-from coords (round (* radius 0.5)) (+ facing 180))))
(draw-polygon (list nose left tail right)
:color *white*)
(when (powerup-active-p ship 'shield)
(draw-circle coords
(round (+ radius (random 3)))
:color *green*))))
(defmethod super-p ((bullet bullet))
(powerup-active-p (ship bullet) 'super-bullets))
(defmethod collide :before ((bullet bullet) (asteroid asteroid) (world world))
(remove-from-world world asteroid)
(when (not (super-p bullet))
(remove-from-world world bullet))
(mapcar (lambda (mob)
(add-to-world world mob))
(break-down asteroid world))
(add-to-world world (make-instance 'explosion :pos (pos asteroid)))
(add-score world asteroid))
(defmethod render ((bullet bullet))
(let ((coords (map-coords bullet))
(radius (map-radius bullet)))
(draw-circle coords radius
:color *red*)
(when (super-p bullet)
(draw-circle coords (+ (random 3))
:color *magenta*))))
(defmethod bullet-moved ((world world) (bullet bullet))
(dolist (mob (mobs world))
(when (and (not (eq bullet mob))
(intersects-p bullet mob))
(collide bullet mob world))
(when (not (in-world-p world bullet))
(return bullet))))
(defmethod update ((bullet bullet) time-delta (world world))
(setf (pos bullet)
(vector-sum (pos bullet)
(vector-scale (velocity bullet)
(destructuring-bind (x y) (pos bullet)
(when (or (not (< 0 x *map-width*))
(not (< 0 y *map-height*)))
(remove-from-world world bullet)))
(bullet-moved world bullet))
(defmethod render ((explosion explosion))
(let ((coords (map-coords explosion))
(radius (map-radius explosion)))
(draw-circle coords radius :color *red*)
(draw-circle coords
(+ radius (random 3))
:color *red*)))
(defmethod update ((explosion explosion) time-delta (world world))
(when (> (incf (radius explosion) time-delta)
(remove-from-world world explosion)))
(defmethod start-next-level ((world world))
(with-accessors ((level level)
(max-level max-level)
(mobs mobs)
(timers timers)
(ship ship))
(incf level)
(setf max-level (max max-level level))
(setf mobs nil)
(setf timers (make-hash-table))
(dotimes (i level)
(add-to-world world (make-instance 'asteroid)))
(add-to-world world (or ship (make-instance 'ship)))
(add-shield (ship world) :seconds 6)))
(defmethod level-cleared-p ((world world))
(< (num-asteroids world) 1))
(defmethod after ((world world) timer-name &key (seconds 0) do)
(multiple-value-bind (timer exists) (gethash timer-name (timers world))
(if exists
(when (done timer)
(remhash timer-name (timers world))
(when (functionp do)
(funcall do)))
(setf (gethash timer-name (timers world))
(make-instance 'timer :seconds seconds)))))
(defmethod update-world ((world world) time-delta)
(maphash (lambda (name timer)
(declare (ignore name))
(update-timer timer time-delta))
(timers world))
(dolist (mob (mobs world))
(update mob time-delta world))
;; start next level 3 seconds after clearing
(when (level-cleared-p world)
(after world
:seconds 3
:do (lambda ()
(incf (lives world))
(start-next-level world))))
;; restart level 3 seconds after death - game over if no more lives
(unless (ship world)
(after world
:seconds 3
:do (lambda ()
(if (< (lives world) 1)
(setf (level world) 0) ; game over
(let ((ship (make-instance 'ship)))
(add-to-world world ship)
(add-shield ship :seconds 6)))))))
(defmethod add-to-world :after ((world world) (asteroid asteroid))
(incf (num-asteroids world)))
(defmethod add-to-world :after ((world world) (ship ship))
(setf (ship world) ship))
(defmethod render-world ((world world) paused)
(clear-display *black*)
;; hud
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil "Level ~d" (level world))
10 10
:color *green*)
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil "Lives ~d" (lives world))
10 (- *map-height* 28)
:color *green*)
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil "Score ~d" (score world))
(- *map-width* 127) (- *map-height* 28)
:color *green*)
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil
"~a [Q]uit"
(if (= (level world) 0)
(- *map-width* 127) 10
:color *green*)
(if (= (level world) 0)
;; title screen
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* "ASTeroids"
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-width* 81)))
(round (* 1/4 (- *map-height* 18)))
:color *green*)
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil
"High score: ~d"
(high-score world))
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-width* 171)))
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-height* 18)))
:color *green*)
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* (format nil "Max level: ~d" (max-level world))
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-width* 135)))
(round (* 3/4 (- *map-height* 18)))
:color *green*))
;; game world
(set-clip-rect (rectangle :x 0 :y 0 :w *map-width* :h *map-height*)
:surface *default-display*)
(dolist (mob (mobs world))
(render mob))
(set-clip-rect nil :surface *default-display*)
;; pause text
(when paused
(sdl-gfx:draw-string-solid-* "PAUSED"
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-width* 54)))
(round (* 1/2 (- *map-height* 18)))
:color *green*)))))
(defun calc-angle (a b)
(destructuring-bind (x y) (vector-subtract b a)
(rad->deg (atan x y))))
(defun main ()
(with-init ()
(setf *window*
(window 640 480
:title-caption "ASTeroids"
:icon-caption "ASTeroids"))
(sdl-gfx:initialise-default-font sdl-gfx:*font-9x18*)
(setf (frame-rate) 60)
(clear-display *black*)
(let ((world (make-instance 'world))
(paused nil))
(with-events ()
(:quit-event () t)
(:mouse-motion-event (:x x :y y)
(when (ship world)
(setf (facing (ship world))
(calc-angle (pos (ship world)) (relative-coords x y)))))
(:mouse-button-down-event (:x x :y y)
(when (and (> (level world) 0)
(ship world)
(not paused))
(shoot-at (ship world) (relative-coords x y) world)
(thrust-at (ship world) (relative-coords x y))))
(:mouse-button-up-event ()
(when (and (> (level world) 0)
(ship world))
(stop-thrust (ship world))))
(:key-up-event (:key key)
(case key
(:sdl-key-escape (push-quit-event))
(:sdl-key-q (setf (level world) 0))
(:sdl-key-p (if (= (level world) 0)
(setf (score world) 0)
(setf (lives world) 1)
(setf *ticks* (sdl-get-ticks))
(start-next-level world))
(setf paused (not paused))))))
(:idle ()
(when (and (> (level world) 0)
(not paused))
(update-world world (get-ticks)))
(render-world world paused)