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The sample applications found in this repository are intended
for use with Tropo, the new voice application platform created
by Voxeo.  To use these applications, you need to go to:

and create a free developer account.  Once there, you can 
create voice applications using these code examples.

As noted in the accompanying LICENSE file, these examples are
provided for you to use and modify without any restrictions.
Please note that the examples are provided "AS IS" without 
any warranty, etc. (Read the LICENSE file for exact terms.)

This repository includes directories for each of the supported
languages.  Inside each language directory, there is a 
"tutorial" directory that has a series of simple tutorials
designed to walk you through the process of creating Tropo
applications.  We would suggest you start there.

One note - in the 'ruby' directory, there are actually two
versions of the tutorial files: "core" and "comfy".  The "core" 
version of the tutorial uses syntax for Tropo that is very 
similar to that of the other languages. The "comfy" version
uses syntax that Ruby developers may find more "comfortable"
and Ruby-esque.  Either form works.

We expect to be updating this repository rather frequently 
as we have new sample applications to offer. Please check 
back - or clone the Github repo and do a 'git pull' from time 
to time to see new additions.

If you have sample applications you would like to offer us
to include here, please contact Dan York ( ).

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to 
seeing whatever you may create!