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scons: Include flags required to link statically with Python

Python requires the flags in LINKFORSHARED to be added the linker
flags when linking with a statically with Python. Failing to do so
typically results in errors from the Python's dynamic module loader at
start up.
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1 parent 3ab91cd commit 0772f25e6bce617884e752bb36bcd0636aff8004 @andysan committed Mar 13, 2013
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@@ -839,6 +839,8 @@ py_lib_path = [ py_getvar('LIBDIR') ]
# shared library in prefix/lib/.
if not py_getvar('Py_ENABLE_SHARED'):
+ # Python sometimes needs special flags when linking statically.
+ main.Append(LINKFLAGS=[py_getvar('LINKFORSHARED').split()])
py_libs = []
for lib in py_getvar('LIBS').split() + py_getvar('SYSLIBS').split():

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