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A visual portfolio generator with web hosting for your mockups and photo albums. Requires no 3rd party libraries or installations. A 🤑free🤑 Squarespace alternative for your photos. Live demo at


Gallery is a side project of mine to allow me to create a more curated version of my photography and mockup portfolio. It's intended to have a simple setup process that is accessible by anyone. If you have any feedback for Gallery, drop me a line :)


🔥 NONE 🔥

Making your own gallery in less than 5 minutes

  • Fork this repository🍴
  • Clone the repository through terminal by running git clone{YOUR_USERNAME}/gallery.git
  • Replace contents of /photos with all of your albums. For each of your albums, create a folder with the same name as your album name, and then put all of your photos in the folder. Example:
  • Open the folder in finder and double click setup.command. This will go through all of your albums and create a config.json file for you. This file allows the generator to know which photos will be hosted on your website.
  • Personalize the contents at the bottom of _config.yml.
  • Commit all of your changes and then push all of your changes to Github by running
$ git checkout -B gh-pages  # This creates a branch that will be hosted at {username}
$ git commit -am "Create my first gallery"  # This saves all of your changes
$ git push origin gh-pages  # This pushes your gallery to be hosted!
  • Check out your site at {username} 🎉!

Important notes: To speed up the loading time of your gallery, please make sure to compress your images. If you're running this on a macOS system, this is done automatically for you using sips! If you want Google Analytics, replace _includes/ga.html with your own snippet.

How It Works

There are two important pieces to gallery:

Album Generation

setup.command goes through all of the folders in your /photos/ directory. It collects all of the file paths of each photo in each album. It aggregates all of this data into one key file called config.json.

Client-side Generation

Once you've created your config.json, the website can now use that file to figure out which photos to show. It uses JavaScript(ES6🔥!) to layout your photos, grouping all of the photos per album.

Customizing your Gallery

Gallery supports 3 different kinds of layouts: rows, squares and columns. You can choose which type of layout you want to use by setting the layout variable in script.js to be either SQUARES, ROWS or COLUMNS.

Each different layout has both its own and shared set of configuration options.


  • spacing (Integer): The vertical and horizontal distance that separates each photo from all adjacent photos. Defaulted to 10.
  • shuffle (Boolean): Toggle to shuffle or not to shuffle the photos. Default is false.

Column Configuration

  • columns (Integer): The number of columns for the layout. Default is 3.

Square Configuration

  • columns (Integer): The number of columns for the layout. Default is 3.
  • maxHeight (Integer): The max height in px for each photo. Default is 400.

Columns takes priority if both are set.

Row Configuration

  • maxHeight (Integer): The max height in px for each photo. Default is 400.


  • instagram (String): Your Instagram handle. If no string is passed, no footer is rendered.

Fun Facts

  • No Bootstrap is used. AT ALL! 🔥🔥🔥
  • It uses ES6. NEW TECH! 🔥🔥🔥
  • It has no local dependencies. SAY WHAT! 🔥🔥🔥


If you enjoyed using Gallery, I'd love to see what you created with Gallery 🙌

Share your gallery with me on this thread❤️!