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before and after filter support for backbone.js
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Update backbone_filters.js
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backbone_filters.js Update backbone_filters.js

Disclaimer: This fork has been updated to work with Backbone 0.5.3


Include backbone_filters.js after Backbone.

In your router you can now add:

before: {
    '^clerks' : function() {
        /* do stuff to all routes starting with 'clerks' */
        /* return false to halt execution */
    'another reg ex' : function() { }

after: {
    '^clerks' : function() {
        /* do stuff */
    'another reg ex' : function() { }   

Your filters will be called and if a filter returns false, the filter chain is halted. If a before filter chain is halted, the action in the Router will not be called. Your filters will receive the same arguments that get passed to the actions.

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