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CodeMirror Eclipse

You can see the Eclipse RAP demo at

CodeMirror is JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser. It provides several modes like javascript, xml, json, html, etc to manage syntax colors, syntax errors, completions etc.

CodeMirror Eclipse gives you the capability to use codemirror with the three context : Eclipse SWT, RCP and RAP. It embeds the javascript codemirror editor in a SWT Browser. It provides several features :

  • use codemirror with just SWT/RWT. Here a screen with SWT Java main about codemirror Json mode :


  • use codemirror with Eclipse 3.x EditorPart. Here a screen with Eclipse RCP about codemirror Json mode :


Here a screen with Eclipse RAP about codemirror Json mode :


You can see the Eclipse RAP demo at


Update site available at



See cloudbees job:

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