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Javascript Features

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JSDT Editor extends the JSDT plugins to use tern completion, hyperlinks with the JSDT JavaScript Editor.

Note : it should be possible to extend other JavaScript editor with tern by developing an Eclipse plugin.



Completion on angular variable :

JS Angular Completion Angular

Completion on angular module :

JS Angular Completion Module

Completion on angular elements like $http :

JS Angular Completion Http

Completion on injected service :

JS Angular Completion Service Injection


Completion on javascript elements like array :

JS Completion Array


Ctrl+Click on any javascript elements (variable, function) open hyperlink :

JS Hyperlink

If you select "Tern - Go to definition", tern is used to search and select the javascript definition:

JS Hyperlink

It works too if your variable, functions is defined on other files (if script path is well configured).

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