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What is Rebol 3 Bazaar?

It's a fork of the original Rebol 3 with enhancemnt of Saphirion (see ) and the rebol community, it has graphic functionality (VID dialect) but at moment works just on windows. See:

What is Rebol?

Rebol is a fantastic programming language, cross-platform, really easy to use and to create wonderful gui, take a look at these links (based on Rebol 2):

Unfortunately Rebol 2 is closed source and no more maintained since 2011, you can download last Rebol 2 version here:

Rebol 3 is open source. There is a community around Rebol products, you can see and join it on

#May I contribute?


How may I contribute?

In any way you like:

#Why a new fork of Rebol 3?

To give opportunity to everybody to contribute, to have a rebol always up to date, where pull request are alway considered and eventually merged in maximum a week.

#How to build from source?

Windows binaries are ready to use in build directory, just dowload all the folder; but if you want to build from source make directory and follow this guide:

#Contacts You may use

How to learn Rebol

There a lot of places: