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Welcome to Angrave's crowd-sourced System Programming wiki-book! This wiki is being built by students and faculty from the University of Illinois and is a crowd-source authoring experiment by Lawrence Angrave from CS @ Illinois.

Rather than requiring an existing paper-based book this semester, we will build our own set of resources here.

0. HW0/Resources

1. Learning C

2. Processes

3. Memory and Allocators

4. Intro to Pthreads

5. Synchronization

6. Deadlock

7. Inter-process Communication & Scheduling

8. Networking

9. File Systems

10. Signals

Exam Practice Questions

Warning these are good practice but not comprehensive. The CS241 final assumes you fully understand and can apply all topics of the course. Questions will focus mostly but not entirely on topics that you have used in the lab and programming assignments.