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My Emacs configuration
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This repository contains my personal Emacs configuration.

What the .el

If you are wondering where has gone all of the Lisp, fear not, for it is automagically tangled from an Org file into a Lisp file.


My Emacs configuration is a living mixture that I edit on a daily basis. As such, the following screenshots might not reflect exactly what is on :master.



Clone the repository into your user directory.

git clone ~/.emacs.d/ --recurse-submodules

Install Emacs 26 or above.


brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus
brew install emacs-plus --with-no-titlebar --without-spacemacs-icon


choco install emacs


My Helm setup uses ag instead of grep to lookup files.


brew install the_silver_searcher


choco install ag --version


I use Flycheck as linter framework to display syntax warnings and errors whithin each buffer.

npm install -g eslint                                # JavaScript
pip install flake8                                   # Python
gem install scss_lint scss_lint_reporter_checkstyle  # SCSS
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