Migration guide for prefixes

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For release 0.14.0 we prefixed all our components. I will expose in here the changes that needs to be done for each component:


  • Change: accordion for uib-accordion.
  • Change: accordion-group for uib-accordion-group.
  • Change: accordion-heading for uib-accordion-heading.
  • Change: accordionConfig for uibAccordionConfig.


  • Change: alert for uib-alert.

### Buttons

  • Change: btn-checkbox for uib-btn-checkbox.
  • Change: btn-radio for uib-btn-radio.
  • Change: buttonConfig for uibButtonConfig.


  • Change: carousel for uib-carousel.
  • Change: slide for uib-slide.


  • Change: collapse for uib-collapse.


  • Change: dateParser for uibDateParser.


  • Change: datepicker for uib-datepicker.
  • Change: datepicker-popup for uib-datepicker-popup.
  • Change: daypicker for uib-daypicker.
  • Change: monthpicker for uib-monthpicker.
  • Change: yearpicker for uib-yearpicker.
  • Change: datepickerConfig for uibDatepickerConfig.
  • Change: datepickerPopupConfig for uibDatepickerPopupConfig.


  • Change: dropdown for uib-dropdown.
  • Change: dropdown-toggle for uib-dropdown-toggle.
  • Change: dropdown-menu for uib-dropdown-menu.
  • Change: keyboard-nav for uib-keyboard-nav.
  • Change: dropdownService for uibDropdownService.
  • Change: all class directive usage to attribute.


  • Change: $modal for $uibModal.
  • Change: $modalInstance for $uibModalInstance.
  • Change: $modalStack for $uibModalStack.
  • Change: modal-transclude for uib-modal-transclude


  • Change: pagination for uib-pagination.
  • Change: pager for uib-pager.
  • Change: pagerConfig for uibPagerConfig.
  • Change: paginationConfig for uibPaginationConfig.


  • Change: popover for uib-popover.
  • Change: popover-template for uib-popover-template.
  • Change: popover-html for uib-popover-html.


  • Change: $position for $uibPosition.


  • Change: progressbar for uib-progressbar.
  • Change: bar for uib-bar.
  • Change: progress for uib-progress.
  • Change: progressConfig for uibProgressConfig.


  • Change: rating for uib-rating.
  • Change: ratingConfig for uibRatingConfig.


  • Change: tabset for uib-tabset.
  • Change: tab for uib-tab.
  • Change: tab-heading for uib-tab-heading.


  • Change: timepicker for uib-timepicker.
  • Change: timepickerConfig for uibTimepickerConfig.


  • Change: tooltip for uib-tooltip.
  • Change: tooltip-template for uib-tooltip-template.
  • Change: tooltip-html for uib-tooltip-html.
  • Change: $tooltip for $uibTooltip.


  • Change: typeahead for uib-typeahead.
  • Change: typeahead-highlight for uib-typeahead-highlight.
  • Change: typeahead-match for uib-typeahead-match.
  • Change: typeaheadHighlightFilter for uibTypeaheadHighlightFilter.
  • Change: typeaheadParser for uibTypeaheadParser.

There are also prefixes on controllers, directives and services that were meant to be private. Check the source if you still get some warnings.

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