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perf(ivy): remove renderStringify calls for text nodes creation (#32342)

Values passed to the `ɵɵtext` instruction are strings (or undefined)
in the generated code so no need to stringify those again.

PR Close #32342
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pkozlowski-opensource authored and mhevery committed Aug 27, 2019
1 parent fac066e commit a1e91b00d2d866c9af9c7599cc6ab48d47a38070
@@ -5,15 +5,13 @@
* Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file at
import {assertDataInRange, assertDefined, assertEqual} from '../../util/assert';
import {assertDataInRange, assertEqual} from '../../util/assert';
import {TNodeType} from '../interfaces/node';
import {RText, isProceduralRenderer} from '../interfaces/renderer';
import {BINDING_INDEX, HEADER_OFFSET, LView, RENDERER, TVIEW, T_HOST} from '../interfaces/view';
import {BINDING_INDEX, HEADER_OFFSET, RENDERER, TVIEW, T_HOST} from '../interfaces/view';
import {appendChild, createTextNode} from '../node_manipulation';
import {getLView, getSelectedIndex, setIsNotParent} from '../state';
import {NO_CHANGE} from '../tokens';
import {renderStringify} from '../util/misc_utils';
import {getNativeByIndex} from '../util/view_utils';

import {bind} from './property';
import {getOrCreateTNode, textBindingInternal} from './shared';
@@ -24,19 +22,17 @@ import {getOrCreateTNode, textBindingInternal} from './shared';
* Create static text node
* @param index Index of the node in the data array
* @param value Value to write. This value will be stringified.
* @param value Static string value to write.
* @codeGenApi
export function ɵɵtext(index: number, value?: any): void {
export function ɵɵtext(index: number, value: string = ''): void {
const lView = getLView();
ngDevMode && assertEqual(
lView[BINDING_INDEX], lView[TVIEW].bindingStartIndex,
'text nodes should be created before any bindings');
ngDevMode && ngDevMode.rendererCreateTextNode++;
ngDevMode && assertDataInRange(lView, index + HEADER_OFFSET);
const textNative = lView[index + HEADER_OFFSET] = createTextNode(value, lView[RENDERER]);
ngDevMode && ngDevMode.rendererSetText++;
const tNode = getOrCreateTNode(lView[TVIEW], lView[T_HOST], index, TNodeType.Element, null, null);

// Text nodes are self closing.
@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ import {ProceduralRenderer3, RElement, RNode, RText, Renderer3, isProceduralRend
import {isLContainer, isLView, isRootView} from './interfaces/type_checks';
import {CHILD_HEAD, CLEANUP, DECLARATION_LCONTAINER, FLAGS, HOST, HookData, LView, LViewFlags, NEXT, PARENT, QUERIES, RENDERER, TVIEW, T_HOST, unusedValueExportToPlacateAjd as unused5} from './interfaces/view';
import {assertNodeOfPossibleTypes, assertNodeType} from './node_assert';
import {renderStringify} from './util/misc_utils';
import {findComponentView, getLViewParent} from './util/view_traversal_utils';
import {getNativeByTNode, getNativeByTNodeOrNull, unwrapRNode} from './util/view_utils';

@@ -116,9 +115,11 @@ function applyToElementOrContainer(

export function createTextNode(value: any, renderer: Renderer3): RText {
return isProceduralRenderer(renderer) ? renderer.createText(renderStringify(value)) :
export function createTextNode(value: string, renderer: Renderer3): RText {
ngDevMode && ngDevMode.rendererCreateTextNode++;
ngDevMode && ngDevMode.rendererSetText++;
return isProceduralRenderer(renderer) ? renderer.createText(value) :

@@ -1086,7 +1086,7 @@ export declare function ɵɵtemplate(index: number, templateFn: ComponentTemplat

export declare function ɵɵtemplateRefExtractor(tNode: TNode, currentView: LView): ViewEngine_TemplateRef<unknown> | null;

export declare function ɵɵtext(index: number, value?: any): void;
export declare function ɵɵtext(index: number, value?: string): void;

export declare function ɵɵtextBinding<T>(value: T | NO_CHANGE): void;

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