Templating engine for Angular 2.0
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EisenbergEffect refactor(watch_parser): new location for watch_parser
The watch_parser was previously a part of expressionist. However, this
caused an unnecessary dependency between expressionist and watchtower.
To solve this problem, I’ve moved the watch_parser out of expressionist
and into templating since it is the only consumer which actually joins
these two libraries together.
Latest commit bdaea11 Aug 22, 2014


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Angular Templating

The templating engine for Angular 2.0.


  1. npm install
  2. npm install -g gulp
  3. npm install -g bower
  4. npm install -g protractor
  5. bower install

Running the examples

  1. gulp build watch serve
  2. Go to http://localhost:8000/dist/amd/example/index.html

Unit tests

  1. Unit tests: karma start

E2e tests

  1. Start the server: gulp build watch serve
  2. Start and download webdriver: webdriver-manager start
  3. Run the tests: protractor

Code Style Guide

  • Use 2 spaces as tab, see .editorconfig