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Welcome to Angello, the AngularJS storyboard! Based off the Trello App, this repo holds the code for the app built in the AngularJS in Action book. Read on to get started!


You'll need git, a web browser, and a local web server.

Running Angello

Install it

Run the following command to check out a local copy of the code.

git clone

Set up the backend

There are two options for the backend of the app: NodeJS and Firebase.

Using Firebase
  1. If you do not have one already, set up an account with Firebase Home Page
  2. Create an app (name it whatever you want) Create Firebase App
  3. Click on your new app's URL
    Firebase App
  4. Click on the Login & Auth section of the resulting page on the left hand side, and check the checkbox that says Enable Email & Password Authentication Enable Auth
  5. Copy the URL from the address bar of the page you are on
  6. Open the file /client/src/angello/app/services/EndpointConfigService.js and update the URI property of the firebase object to your copied URL. Edit File

You're done! Skip to the Start it section

Using NodeJS
  1. Go to the Angello Express API and follow the directions to get the API running.
  2. Once the API is running, open /client/src/angello/app/services/EndpointConfigService.js in a text editor, uncomment // .constant('CURRENT_BACKEND', 'node') and comment out .constant('CURRENT_BACKEND', 'firebase'). Set the backend

You're done! Go ahead and move on to the Start it section.

Start it

If you have a local web server that you use, simply serve the client directory of the project. If you do not, you will need to install Node.js and NPM.

Once you have installed Node.js and NPM, run the following commands in your terminal. Make sure you are in the angello directory.

npm install -g serve
serve client/

These commands install the serve package on your system globally and then serve the client directory of the angello application for your viewing pleasure.

Use it!

At this point, you should see the login portion of the site. Angello Login Screen We've made it to the fun part! Go ahead and play around with the app and see what it does. Read on for a tour of the app.

Registering a client Registering Client

Adding a user to the storyboard Adding User User Added

Adding a story Adding a story Story added

View stories for a specific user User Stories

View stories by status Stories by status

View stories by type Stories by type