Eclipse Version Tree Plugin is an easy to use, graphical version tree for project artifacts hosted in a CVS repository. It is a graphical replacment for Eclipse resource history. Supports different layout styles, customization and convenience features. This repository combines the code from and http:/…
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Table of Contents

Version Tree Plugin for CVS


Update Sites

Eclipse 3.7/3.8/4.X (Indigo/Juno/Kepler): Version Tree latest development build:
Eclipse 3.7/3.8/4.X (Indigo/Juno/Kepler): Version Tree 1.7.2:
Eclipse 3.6 (Helios): Version Tree 1.6.1:

To install a plugin in Eclipse using update site follow Help->Install New Software wizard.


Eclipse 3.7/3.8/4.2/4.3 (Indigo/Juno/Kepler): Version Tree 1.7.1
Eclipse 3.7/3.8/4.2 (Indigo/Juno): Version Tree 1.7.0
Eclipse 3.6 (Helios): Version Tree 1.6.1
Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede): Version Tree 1.6.0
Eclipse 3.2/3.3 (Callisto/Europa): Version Tree 1.5.0
Eclipse 3.1: Version Tree 1.4.0

For older plugin versions please see All Packages



The Eclipse Version Tree Plugin is an extension for the Eclipse IDE that presents graphical history tree for files under CVS Source Control.

Short manual

Right-click on a file under CVS resource in the package explorer and select "Team -> Show in Version Tree" from the popup menu to display a version tree for a CVS resource.
Click on a revision in the version tree to display the details in the detail view on the right.
Double click a revision in the version tree to open an editor with the contents of that revision.
Open context menu on a revision to open or compare revisions.
Use context menu or plugin tool bar to choose layout.
Configure default layout, colors, sizes and icons: "Windows -> Preferences: Team / CVS / Version Tree".

CVS Version Tree will connect with arrows merged versions provided they are tagged accordingly. By default, CVS Version Tree recognizes the revision from which merge was done by tag "tag_branch-to_MERGE-FROM_branch-from" and the revision to which merge was done by tag "tag_branch-from_MERGE-TO_branch-to". Refer to the Preferences page to configure the tags.


Arrows Connecting Merged Revisions

Preferences and Custom Tag Decorators

Vendor Branches

Mozilla Source Checkout w Deep Layout, Detail pane right

Mozilla Source Checkout w Wide Layout, Detail pane on bottom

Two revisions selected for comparison, editor-link enabled

Access from CVS perspective, simple tree,long comments,JSP

What's new

New features in development version ("unstable" build)

  • Decorate branch with tag decoration of its last revision
  • Improved reporting errors from CVS server
  • Fixed filtering by branch name when a branch is originated from a revision on another branch

New features in release 1.7.2

  • Decorators for locked revisions
  • Compare selected revision with local file via context menu
  • Fixed missing "merge to HEAD" arrow when filtering branches
  • Sorted tags in tooltips where a list of tags is shown
  • Improved appearance for labels of branches with long names

New features in release 1.7.1

  • Display revisions with major digit bumped (2.1 etc.)
  • Handle multiple vendor branches
  • Show tree for files from Project Explorer that not on the branch but in attic
  • Draw tags matching filter in bold
  • Ability to copy tags from the list of tags
  • Arrows for commits merged to non-HEAD branches
  • Performance rendering tree for files with very big number of revisions

New features in release 1.7.0

  • Merge arrows between revisions based on information extracted from tags
  • Configurable decorators for tags
  • Display full revision for files and branches
  • Display vendor branch
  • Show dead revisions and <n/a> (unnamed) branches
  • Filtering of branches in the Version Tree view

New features in release 1.6.1

  • Plugin was compiled with JDK 1.4
  • Update site was created
  • Was submitted to eclipse marketplace: cvs-version-tree

New features in release 1.6.0

  • Migration to Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)

New features in release 1.5.0

  • Migration to Eclipse 3.2

New features in release 1.4.0

  • Migration to Eclipse 3.1 M7

New features in release 1.3.0

  • Workaround that should fix the NullPointerExceptions reported by some users
  • Fix of tree display for files that have revisions 1.1 and in the repository
  • Fix for tree display: some branches were not displayed in all cases
  • Plugin fails for some users on some files. An Exception is thrown and no branch is displayed.

New features in release 1.2.0

  • Version tree is fetched in background task
  • Link with editor option (same as CVS Resource History)
  • Version Tree Context menu now works on background
  • Position of the comment region can be set via local drop down menu ('Toggle Detail View')
  • 'Show in Version Tree' now in CVS Repository Browsing context menu

New features in release 1.1.0

  • Eclipse 3.0 support (For Eclipse 2.x download 1.0.0).
  • Details view can be displayed at right or bottom of view.

New features in release 1.0.0

  • Layout and layout options are configurable.
  • Context menu with most of the features like Revision History.