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#ifndef JB_JSON_BOX_H
#define JB_JSON_BOX_H
* @mainpage JsonBox
* @section format_description What is JSON?
* [JSON]( (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
* @section project_description What is Json Box?
* Json Box is a C++ library used to read and write JSON with ease and speed.
* Things it does:
* * Follows the standards established on [](
* * Read and write JSON in UTF-8
* * Uses the STL streams for input and output
* * Generated JSON can be indented and pretty or compact and hard-to-read
* * Does not crash when the JSON input contains errors, it simply tries to interpret as much as it can
* Things it does not do:
* * Read JSON in UTF-16 or UTF-32
* * Keep the order of the members in objects (the standard doesn't require keeping the order)
* * Write useful error messages when the JSON input contains errors
* The library wasn't designed with multi-threading in mind.
* @see JsonBox
#include <JsonBox/Value.h>