A sketch framework to make creating screenshots for the App Store incredibly simple
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Sketch to App Store

Generate App Store images from Sketch 3.4.4 and above

With the new iPhones, it's now a huge pain to create screenshots for iTunes Connect. This tool was created to save you a ton of time.

Don't have Sketch?

No problem. Use LaunchKit's Screenshot Builder on the web!

How it works


Whenever you’re ready, do a File → Export.

What the exports look like

This will generate 10 screenshots for each size, a set of images with the device and text, and a set that’s just the screenshot.



How files are organized

Just choose a folder and the files will be exported like this. They are exported in JPG format because iTunes connect currently requires that.


Please send any feedback to brenden@launchkit.io

Download Now

You can download the file directly by clicking here.

Other Resources

Thanks to ryankeairns for adding iPad support!