It helps you to find out what partials were rendered for the generating html with erbs
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Partioprint plugin adds partial name as a HTML comment whenever a partial is rendered from the ERBs. The purpose of this plugin is to ease the front-end web development effort when using lots of partials, if anything is broken in your page, you can quickly inspect it and can figure out which partial to look for, instead going through your logs to determine the target partial or by searching in your editor.

Other features added:

a) The partial absolute path now added to the comments. This helps to understand from where the actual partial is rendered, from within your app or one of the engines that is being used in vendor/plugins.

b) Locals being passed to the partial are also printed.

Partioprint adds two comments tag before and after the partial output. Below is the example

<!-- ERB:START partial: shared/header AND partial_absolute_path: /home/victoria7/projects/sample/app/views/shared/_header.html.erb -->
<!-- START Local variables:-->
<!-- object : null -->
<!-- header : null -->
<!-- END Local variables:-->
<div class="head">...</div>
<!-- ERB:END partial: shared/header AND partial_absolute_path: /home/victoria7/projects/sample/app/views/shared/_header.html.erb -->

Implemented upon idea by Arnab Chakraborty (@arnabc on Twitter)

Use it

Drop this plugin into your project's vendor/plugins folder. Restart the server. View the source. (If you have rendered partials in your views, it will print names of them in generated html code).

For Firebug users click on the down-arrow icon in HTML tab and enable 'Show Comments' to see the comments.

Note: This plugin might cause your webpage to render in quirks mode if you have a different partial to render DOCTYPEs.

Rave Reviews

"Looks cool. We have something similar internally at 37signals. Good to see it released." - @dhh

"It looks cool, will definitely use it for one of my client projects" - @technoweenie

"Just stumbled upon Rails plugin partioprint. Incredibly valuable 20 LOC. Gonna add it to all projects" - @codecuisine - Highlighted in Rails Envy Podcast - Highlighted in Mike Gunderloy's A Fresh Cup


Anil Wadghule :: :: @anildigital ::