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jQuery - Crotator

A jQuery plugin for creating a slider or content rotator. It converts the children inside any selected element into a Slider. One can define array of timeline according to which the slider will be synced. CSS animations can be used with this plugin to enhance the contents visually.




bower install jquery-crotator

Standard call with default settings:


Here theElement is the id of the tag for which we want the contents to be converted to a Slides.

Call with options:

    timeOfExistence: 2, // in seconds
    typeofTag: "<h4/>",
    tagClass: "elClass",
    cycle: true, // true, false
    startEmpty: false // true, false
  • timeOfExistence decides what should be the duration of time for which a slide will be visible.
  • typeofTag and tagClass respectively decide the tag and class of the tag that enclose the slide content.
  • cycle turns on/off looping back to the starting slide.
  • startEmpty decides whether there should be an element displayed when the page loads or contents starts appearing after the time given in timeOfExistence.

Call with user defined array of timeline

  	// timeline (in seconds)
    timeArray: [2, 20, 14, 9, 3, 10],
    typeofTag: "<h4/>",
    tagClass: "elClass",

timeArray is in seconds. The length of timeArray should be equal to the number of children present in theElement.

For more clarity, the example folder can be checked.


A jquery plugin for creating a slider or content rotator



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