Simple, secure key management for attr_encrypted
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KMS Encrypted

Simple, secure key management for attr_encrypted

With KMS Encrypted:

  • Master encryption keys are not on application servers
  • Encrypt and decrypt permissions can be granted separately
  • There’s an immutable audit log of all activity
  • Decryption can be disabled if an attack is detected
  • It’s easy to rotate keys

Supports AWS KMS, Google Cloud KMS, and Vault

Check out this post for more info on securing sensitive data with Rails

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How It Works

This approach uses a key management service (KMS) to manage encryption keys and attr_encrypted to do the encryption.

To encrypt an attribute, we first generate a data key and encrypt it with the KMS. This is known as envelope encryption. We pass the unencrypted version to attr_encrypted and store the encrypted version in the encrypted_kms_key column. For each record, we generate a different data key.

To decrypt an attribute, we first decrypt the data key with the KMS. Once we have the decrypted key, we pass it to attr_encrypted to decrypt the data. We can easily track decryptions since we have a different data key for each record.

Getting Started

Follow the instructions for your key management service:

Outside Models

To encrypt and decrypt outside of models, create a box:

kms =

You can pass key_id, version, and previous_versions if needed.


kms.encrypt(message, context: {model_name: "User", model_id: 123})


kms.decrypt(ciphertext, context: {model_name: "User", model_id: 123})

Related Projects

To securely search encrypted data, check out Blind Index.



KMS Encrypted 1.0 brings a number of improvements. Here are a few breaking changes to be aware of:

  • There’s now a default encryption context with the model name and id
  • ActiveSupport notifications were changed from generate_data_key and decrypt_data_key to encrypt and decrypt
  • AWS KMS uses the Encrypt operation instead of GenerateDataKey

If you didn’t previously use encryption context, add the upgrade_context option to your models:

class User < ApplicationRecord
  has_kms_key upgrade_context: true

Then run:

User.where("encrypted_kms_key NOT LIKE 'v1:%'").find_each do |user|

And remove the upgrade_context option.


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