Organize your web browsing into projects
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Note: I am currently not actively developing this project.


Organize your web browsing into projects and manage all of their related information.

How to contribute?

Look up the Issues to see things that need to be fixed or feature ideas. Else, go ahead and implement your crazy ideas!

Setting up Development Environment:

  • Run bundle install from the chrome folder.

  • Run guard from /chrome to watch changes to .less and .handlebars.

  • For CSS, we are using Less. Edit .less files, and they are automatically compiled to .css.

  • For templating, we are using Handlebars. Edit .handlebars files and they are automatically compiled to .js.

Code Structure

  • /website contains the code for the Contextinator website.
  • /icons contains the source files for the Contexinator Icon.
  • /chrome contains the source code for the Chrome extension.
    • /lib: Third party JavaScript Libraries
    • /utils: Functions and objects reused across the extension.
    • /background: Event Pages
    • /browserAction: Browser Action popup
    • /content: Content Script
    • /jumper: Quick Switcher
    • /home: Project Homepage
    • /overview: Projects Overview


Dual licensed under the GPL and MIT Licenses.