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Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard is an InputMethodService, or basically an Android Keyboard that allows you to enter text on your Android simply by typing on your laptop keyboard. This hack has been implemented using the SoftKeyboard sample provided with the Android SDK as the base and building wifi sockets on top of this.

The client is written in Python and uses Wifi sockets too,and can well be extended to used as shell commands or scripts in any language of your choice For now, the user has to figure out the Wifi server (Android IP address) himself and provide it to the client scripts to create the connection.


  1. Add interactive terminal mode, so you can leave a shell running like a console input to your device,instead of invoking the script multiple times
  2. Extend this to include support for Bluetooth input as well

Project Page

The project page can be found at

Feel free to fork,branch out, contribute and hack away !

Ping me at if you wish to appreciate/criticize/contribute to the project