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A basic Cucumber Formatter for TeamCity

Tested with Cucumber 1.3.18 and TeamCity 8.x.x.

Although teamcity has native support but the default formatter interprets every step as a separate test which does not reflect reality.


Just copy teamcity_formatter to features/support/

Then add -f TeamCityFormatter to your cucumber command-line.

Right now, it seems that if you specify multiple formatters, cucumber will not output the final one to stdout, so you may want to make sure this is the only formatter used in your testing. (Alternatively, you could write to /dev/stdout if your system supports that, but right now, cucumber seems to not like that option.)

Terminology maps this way:

  • Cucumber -> TeamCity

  • Feature -> TestSuite

  • Scenario -> Test

  • Step -> No mapping, but steps will raise errors in the test

In Scenario Outlines, all values are kept together in a test. This is still true if you are using the new –expand option, since you presumably would like to track the name of the test that failed, not not just the numbers in the table.


We are not necessarily using all the features of cucumber in house, so please feel free to submit patches.


Do what you will, but give credit.

darrell [at] <- Original author ankur [at]