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My version of Snake
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My version of the Nokia phone game, for learning and fun.

This dates back from my very, very early days of programming so there are no tests!

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Pull requests not welcome; this is a fun project for me to tinker with.



Ant (if you want to use the build tools)

To play the game

ant run (also compiles)

Scores printed to the console.

Other Ant commands

ant compile compile the classes

ant clean delete the classes

Next steps (for me)

Look through for TODOs.

From Joe Halliwell:

Might be an idea to:

  • pause on start (for click/spacebar)
  • print some instructions
  • restart on spacebar or click?

If you're submitting this for review, might be worth spending 30 mins:

  • Adding javadoc comments, at least to some key methods -- I know this is something I look for
  • Adding javadoc to each class describing its role/responsibilities
  • Adding README.txt pointing the reviewer at a good place to start and/or any notable features
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