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Project to experiment with C#, as part of my 2019 job search for SDET positions.

This suite of test cases runs against an example Wordpress site. It uses Wordpress REST API endpoints to retrieve data about the test site, and analyzes JSON payloads returned by these endpoints. This work is a direct port of the project over in my wp-test-demo-java repo.

Since I have no prior experience with C# (as of March 2019), this project is less "demo" and more "practice". My goal with this project is to get some hands-on experience with C# in case a future position needs me to work with the language.


To run this suite, I set up a test Wordpress site using Docker Compose. You can see the wp-docker-compose.yml file I use to set up the containers on my misc-configs repo.

I also add aliases for wordpress.local and phpmyadmin.local to my hosts file, so that those URLs will work as the automation runs.

The test data I'm using is a copy of one of my live Wordpress sites.

The main tool I'm using to do this work is Visual Studio 2017. I've checked in all the files the project generated into this repo, and am using RestSharp to hit the service endpoints. For parsing JSON, I'm using the Linq functionality in Newtonsoft.

Skills and tech I'm demonstrating here

  • Doing a C# test project as a Solution in Visual Studio
  • Use of project settings to set test-specific strings like ID numbers, titles, and names
  • Using RestSharp to hit service endpoints
  • Using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq functionality to process JSON payloads
  • Using NUnit functionality to run the test suite in Visual Studio and to annotate test methods
  • Testing against a site running as a Docker container
  • Negative test cases to test expected error behavior of the endpoints

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Project to experiment with C#, using REST APIs to test a local Wordpress site. This is a port of my wp-test-demo-java project from Java into C#.






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