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SWH DOI CII Best Practices Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Technology Readiness Level 9/9 - Proven - Technology complete and proven in practise by real users

Everything about us, everything around us, everything we know and can know of is composed ultimately of patterns of nothing; that’s the bottom line, the final truth. So where we find we have any control over those patterns, why not make the most elegant ones, the most enjoyable and good ones, in our own terms?

-- Iain M. Banks. Consider Phlebas: A Culture Novel (Culture series)

... of days that are no more, but which run on like a warp to which the future weaves its weft.

-- Alastair McIntosh. Poacher's Pilgrimage: Introduction to a Gaelic evening prayer

A corpus of ancient texts and (linguistic) annotations represents a large body of knowledge. Text-Fabric makes that knowledge accessible to programmers and non-programmers.

Text-Fabric is machinery for processing such corpora as annotated graphs. It treats corpora and annotations as data, much like big tables, but without loosing the rich structure of text, such as embedding and multiple representations. It deals with text in a state where all markup is gone, but where the complete logical structure still sits in the data.

All about Text-Fabric is in the docs.

Want to contribute?

We are giving the docs a big overhaul, by writing a handbook on Text-Fabric. You're invite to write along!

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Dirk Roorda

This repository is being archived continuously by the Software Heritage Archive. If you want to cite snippets of the code of this repository, the Software Archive offers an easy and elegant way to do so. As an example, here I quote the stitching algorithm, by means of which Text-Fabric Search collects the solutions of a search template. The quote refers directly to specific lines of code, deeply buried in a Python file within a particular version of Text-Fabric.