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Automatic READ-ONLY mirror of Premake build configuration tool repositories
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packages/debian Copied packaging files to 4.0 trunk
scripts Rework --scripts handling to allow module loading
src Fix "unused parameter" warning
tests Exclude resource elements from Visual Studio when no resource files a…
.gitignore Adding ignore entries for .vlstatus (Visual Lint) and .lnt (PCLint)
.hgsub Add Xcode module
.hgsubstate Move command token expansion into actions, to allow more control at p…
.hgtags Added tag 4.4-beta3 for changeset 84f69f787603
BUILD.txt Update BUILD.txt to reflect new behavior of --scripts option
CHANGES.txt update Changelist
LICENSE.txt Update copyright dates
README.txt Modify testing scripts to use new test action setup
premake4.lua Fix bootstrapping with premake4
premake5.lua A bit of cleanup


A build configuration tool
Core module

 Copyright (C) 2002-2014 by Jason Perkins
 Distributed under the terms of the BSD License, see LICENSE.txt

 The Lua language and runtime library is (C) TeCGraf, PUC-Rio.
 See their website at

 See the file BUILD.txt for instructions on building Premake.

 For questions, comments, or more information, visit the project
 website at
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