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QtWebKit Reloaded

This is a project aiming to upgrade QtWebKit to modern WebKit code base.

Update See blog post for additional details: http://qtwebkit.blogspot.com/2016/08/qtwebkit-im-back.html


If you wonder why do we need QtWebKit when shiny new QtWebEngine is available, please look at our use cases list

Interested and ready to help?

Here is our list of things you can do to help us. We will highly appreciate help of any kind!

Master contains exact mirror of upstream WebKit repository at git://git.webkit.org/WebKit.git. Things not directly related to Qt port, like MIPS support, are developed against master, and go through code review on webkit.org.

Development of QtWebKit currently happens in qtwebkit-stable branch.

System requirements

The next configurations are going to be supported:

  • OS: Linux (desktop and embedded), Windows 7 SP1 and higher, macOS 10.10 and higher
  • Compilers:
    • Linux: g++ >= 4.9 (4.8 with FTL JIT and Indexed DB disabled) or clang++
    • Windows: MSVC 2015 or MinGW-w64 5.3 (though any version >= 4.9 should be fine)
  • Qt 5.2 (>= 5.4 recommended)

Build requirements

Depending on your OS, see

Usage instructions

See Using QtWebKit in your project


Mailing list: webkit-qt@lists.webkit.org

IRC: #qtwebkit on irc.freenode.net

Blog: http://qtwebkit.blogspot.com