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This repository contains Android build files and various additional files needed to build your self a version of libcairo and libpixman that you can use on Android devices.

This is for Android applications that are using the NDK for some or all of their work - only the C/C++ headers are present, there are no Java bindings included.

Obtaining the source code

This git repository uses submodules to track the official cairo and pixman repositories, as such you'll need to do a

git clone --recursive

to pull down not only the android-cairo source, but also the cairo and pixman source.

Compiling & Using

The contents of the jni/ directory are meant to be either copied or symlinked into your application's jni/ directory. Once done, you can then include the and files into your own file, modify your LOCAL_CFLAGS variable to add include paths for each of the cairo/pixman/cairo-extra/pixman-extra directories, then finally add libcairo and libpixman to your LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES variable.

Once all of that is done, simply run ndk-build to compile everything together to produce your application's .so file.

For more concrete usage information, see the example applications in examples/


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