Anonutopia Core Team management repository. We use this for todo lists for organization and for every project separately.
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Anonutopia TODO Lists



  • robot - report all errors to AnonOps group
  • move AnonsRobot out as a separate project


  • move AnonLib out as a separate project
  • hello message for robot - adding to groups
  • finish white paper
  • growth hacking
  • refactor and clean code on everything
  • anon portal (CMS) MVP
  • buy missing domains
  • backup everything
  • secure everything
  • decentralize everything

Other TODO Lists


  • basic design for anote
  • deploy anote and fiats
  • finish wallet MVP
  • deploy new anote
  • move another 100k ANT
  • update kriptokuna website
  • write and send press release
  • deploy test website
  • create test deploy script for website
  • update website - info and tutorials
  • sync blockchain
  • setup waves node
  • make first API transaction
  • basic anote daemon
  • purchasing anote
  • configure waves production node
  • basic kriptodinar website
  • finish wallet localization
  • fucked up layout on websites
  • kriptodinar 404 pages
  • anonutopia website
  • wallet MVP
  • anonutopia MVP - website + basic contract + basic app
  • anote daemon MVP (check math, funds)
  • wallet - anonutopia
  • send anote to everybody
  • apply everybody who needs to be applied
  • send anote to first buyer
  • reset anote
  • contact everybody to apply (friends + groups)
  • add tags for lm and god
  • contact cvl
  • send anote to logo designer
  • send 2.4 mil for anonutopia
  • new kriptokuna deploy script
  • deploy kriptokuna
  • new kriptodinar deploy script
  • deploy kriptodinar