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Improve the help text for ChanServ SET SUCCESSOR.

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Robby- committed Feb 14, 2019
1 parent 961a9bc commit e567cfda360d7f374698e5e7f5d12cc3a6db357c
Showing with 10 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +10 −4 modules/commands/cs_set.cpp
@@ -1017,12 +1017,18 @@ class CommandCSSetSuccessor : public Command
source.Reply(_("Changes the successor of a channel. If the founder's\n"
"nickname expires or is dropped while the channel is still\n"
"registered, the successor will become the new founder of the\n"
"channel. The new nickname must be a registered one."));
"channel. The successor's nickname must be a registered one.\n"
"If there's no successor set, then the first nickname on the\n"
"access list (with the highest access, if applicable) will\n"
"become the new founder, but if the access list is empty, the\n"
"channel will be dropped."));
unsigned max_reg = Config->GetModule("chanserv")->Get<unsigned>("maxregistered");
if (max_reg)
source.Reply(_("However, if the successor already has too many\n"
"channels registered (%d), the channel will be dropped\n"
"instead, just as if no successor had been set."), max_reg);
source.Reply(" ");
source.Reply(_("Note, however, if the successor already has too many\n"
"channels registered (%d), they will not be able to\n"
"become the new founder and it will be as if the\n"
"channel had no successor set."), max_reg);
return true;

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