An Arduino door alarm that will yell at you if you won't shut the door properly
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shut it

Shut it is an Arduino electronics project - a digital door alarm, that will yell at you, if it detects that the door has been open for too long.

project picture - inside project picture - outside

It was created to notify colleagues about a door that should be closed, but was constantly left open.

Operational model

The project is a battery-powered Atmega chip, with a LED, a buzzer and a reed switch.

  1. The door has a reed switch - when the door is open, the switch activates and will power on the Atmega328 chip
  2. A red status light is lit, notifying that the door is open
  3. 30 seconds pass
  4. If the door is still open, the device will start playing a two-tone alarm via a Piezo buzzer
  5. When the door is shut, power is cut and the device shuts up


This project was realized by Epp Õlekõrs under the supervision of Ando Roots. This was Epp's first electronics / Arduino project - congratz.


The project is licensed under the MIT license.