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This is a small program which converts existing ed25519 keys from OpenSSH format to the TinySSH format.

2019-04-17 You should probably prefer the Python reimplementation in ansemjo/tinyssh-keyconvert.

Usage scenario

The conversion enables OpenSSH and TinySSH to run with an identical set of keys, thus presenting an identical fingerprint upon connection. This avoids warnings of changed hostkeys when connecting to the same IP.

A possible usage scenario would be a server with an encrypted root device which needs to be unlocked remotely. The initramfs can run a copy of TinySSH and provide means to enter a passphrase remotely via ssh.

Building from source

A script is provided to automate these steps. Simply run it with ./ and the binary will be compiled in this folder.

To do it manually:

  • run autoreconf --force --verbose --install to create the 'configure' script
  • configure with ./configure and any additional flags you want ..
  • build with simply make

Afterwards you can install the binary with e.g. sudo make install.

Usage of the binary

$ ./tinyssh-convert [-hv] [-f keyfile] [-d destination_dir]

The program can be run entirely interactively or both required paths can be given on the commandline to make it scriptable.

The keyfile shall be an ed25519 private key in OpenSSH format. The destination_dir is a directory where the converted files will be dropped.

The option -h displays help and -v shows the current version.


convert ed25519 hostkeys from openssh format




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