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win_s3 module:

  • Requires AWS_SDK for PowerShell
    • If the AWSPowerShell module is not found on the machine, the AWS_SDK tools will be downloaded and installed before continuing. Read more about AWS_SDK: AWS-PowerShell


  • The module allows for access_key and secret_key params to be used as the session's AWS Credentials. If these are not supplied, the AWS_SDK will search the machine for configured credentials, either through IAM role, environment variables, or aws config file. Read more: Credentials-Search-Order


  • Upload a file, or entire directory to s3 with a specified bucket, key, and local file or directory.
  • Download a file or entire directory from s3 with a specified bucket, key, and local file path or directory path. (Will be created on download)
  • * Uploading or Downloading an entire directory requires that the key entered be a key-prefix, in other words not a full path to a file. Such as Key/Directory/To/Be/Downloaded/ as opposed to Key/To/Be/
  • Also specify rm param to remove the local file or directory after upload.


  • bucket
    • AWS bucket
  • key
    • key or object (path from bucket)
  • local
    • local file or directory
  • method

Supported method params:

  • upload
    • file or directory
  • download
    • file or directory

Other params:

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • rm
    • Specify whether to remove local file or directory

I tried to make the exception handling, and resultant error messages as informative and helpful as possible. If the error messages don't help solve the problem when testing, then it is most likely an authorization error for accessing a bucket/key with the machine credentials or specified credentials.

I believe there is room for more functionality in the future, but this does what I need it to do for the time being.

Questions, concerns, suggestions? Please let me know.


schwartzmx added some commits Jan 1, 2015
@schwartzmx schwartzmx minor fix to fail-message 6825657
@schwartzmx schwartzmx updates docs, rms unnecessary download-dir method
- Decided to do a little more logic, to eliminate the extra method name
- Does more path and variable checking to remove false positives of upload/download
- Fixes an error that can occur with bad format JSON which has to do with an ending '\' which can potentially occur when users specify a local path.
@schwartzmx schwartzmx added sleep to ensure installation before import 6fdae90

To avoid confusion with the pre-existing S3 module, what do you think about writing smth in the documentation along the lines of:
this is intended to be used when you want your target windows machine to be able to DL/UL to S3

I would suggest to change local to path to keep with the conventions of preexisting modules.

Also, you should remove the automatic installation of the AWS SDK. This should instead raise an exception to the user and fail (similar to how the existing AWS modules work and error out when boto isn't detected).


These are all good suggestions, I will work on updating the module when I get a chance in the next couple of days.

Update: Also this module doesn't use boto, that's why it installs AWSPowerShell on the host machine to use locally with specified or IAM credentials.

@schwartzmx schwartzmx fixes issue where credentials weren't set before test-bucket if they …
…were provided, and also added overwrite param to explicitly specify whether to overwrite a file of the same name on the host machine. Thanks to @ryanwalls
@gregdek gregdek added the needs_info label Jul 4, 2015
gregdek commented Jul 4, 2015

Hi @schwartzmx I saw that you made some revisions here -- is this ready for re-review?


@gregdek sorry for the late reply, I had to make a couple minor changes, but this should be ready for re-review now. Thanks.

@gregdek gregdek removed the core_review label Sep 25, 2015
gregdek commented Sep 25, 2015

Adding new process boilerplate. We will be evaluating all new module PRs according to this process, effective immediately.

Thanks for submitting this new module to Ansible Extras! This module is now in community review, a process that is open to all Ansible users. In order for this module to be approved, it must gain the following votes:

“works_for_me”: If you have tested the module thoroughly, including testing of all of the module’s options, and if the module works for you, please add “works_for_me” in the comments.

“passes_guidelines”: If you have gone through the module guidelines and the module meets all of the requirements, please add “passes_guidelines” in the comments. Guidelines are available here:

“needs_revision”: If the module fails to work for you, or if it doesn’t meet guidelines, please add “needs_revision” in the comments with details about what needs to be fixed.

When a module has both “works_for_me” and “passes_guidelines” tags, we will promote the module for inclusion in Ansible Extras. At this point, you will be expected to maintain the module by fixing bugs and evaluating pull requests in a timely manner.

Thanks again for submitting your Ansible module!

gregdek commented Sep 25, 2015
@gregdek gregdek removed the P3 label Sep 25, 2015

Can't really comment on the functionality as I'm not an S3 user.

Currently it doesn't meet the guidelines, but the PR actually pre-dates the guidelines so would have needed a crystal ball or similar to do so.

To meet guidelines, I'd suggest...
Switching the parameter checking to use Get-AnsibleParam and adding author github
check it all still works now that strict-mode is on for ansible modules.

So its a needs_revision at the moment, but looks like it ought not to be lots of work to fix up.

gregdek commented Oct 28, 2015

Thanks @jhawkesworth.

@schwartzmx Please make the suggested revisions, and when you're done, please add a comment with the text "ready_for_review" and we will continue with the review process. Thanks!


@schwartzmx A friendly reminder: this pull request has been marked as needing your action. If you still believe that this PR applies, and you intend to address the issues with this PR, just let us know in the PR itself and we will keep it open pending your changes.

gregdek commented Jan 26, 2016

@schwartzmx Another friendly reminder: this pull request has been marked as needing your action. If you still believe that this PR applies, and you intend to address the issues with this PR, just let us know in the PR itself and we will keep it open. If we don't hear from you within another 14 days, we will close this pull request.

gregdek commented Mar 7, 2016

Closing due to contributor inactivity.

@gregdek gregdek closed this Mar 7, 2016
@jimi-c jimi-c removed the needs_revision label Mar 7, 2016
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