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AWX Operator

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An Ansible AWX operator for Kubernetes built with Operator SDK and Ansible.

AWX Operator Documentation

The AWX Operator documentation is now available at

For docs changes, create PRs on the appropriate files in the /docs folder.


Please visit our contributing guidelines.

Release Process

The first step is to create a draft release. Typically this will happen in the Stage Release workflow for AWX and you don't need to do it as a separate step.

If you need to do an independent release of the operator, you can run the Stage Release in the awx-operator repo. Both of these workflows will run smoke tests, so there is no need to do this manually.

After the draft release is created, publish it and the Promote AWX Operator image will run, which will:

  • Publish image to Quay
  • Release Helm chart


This operator was originally built in 2019 by Jeff Geerling and is now maintained by the Ansible Team

Code of Conduct

We ask all of our community members and contributors to adhere to the Ansible code of conduct. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our community team at

Get Involved

We welcome your feedback and ideas. The AWX operator uses the same mailing list and IRC channel as AWX itself. Here's how to reach us with feedback and questions: