macOS QuickLook for ANSi, ASCii, and other Text-mode Art
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macOS QuickLook plugin for text-mode art supported by the ansilove library. All file formats supported by ansilove are supported by the plugin.

The latest compiled version can be downloaded from Releases.

example rendered folder of files


Decompress the .zip file and place QLAnsilove.qlgenerator in your /Library/QuickLook folder.

You may need to logout of your macOS session or reload the quicklook demon for the plugin to take effect. To reload the quicklook daemon and refresh plugins type qlmanage -r from the terminal.

File Types Supported

  • ANSi (.ANS, .CIA, .ICE)
  • Binary (.BIN)
  • Artworx (.ADF)
  • iCE Draw (.IDF)
  • Xbin (.XB)
  • PCBoard (.PCB)
  • Tundra (.TND)
  • ASCII (.ASC)
  • Release info (.NFO)
  • Description in zipfile (.DIZ)
  • Membership in zipfile (.MEM)


This plugin is based on the amazing work of ansilove/C and the ansilove.framework.