3D design of Antdroid robot.
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#Antdroid Hardware Components Antdroid is a robot designed to be 3D printed.

It is designed in CATIA V5r21 with a full parametric design, witch allows you to easily resize and adapt the model to your own servos or hardware requirements.

Unfortunately, CATIA is not a free opensource program, so if you want to modify it, you will need a license. We would like to port it to a free software solution but, at the moment, it is not posible.

3D printable parts

All the parts have been exported to stl format, so you can easily print them.

Recommendations for printing

Part Layer Height Infill Support Number of Pieces Plastic (g) Material
Coxa 0.2 40% Yes 6 189 PLA
Femur 0.25 40% No 6 30 PLA or ABS
Femur simetria 0.25 40% No 6 30 PLA or ABS
Separador 0.2 40% No 6 9 PLA
Tibia 0.2 40% Yes 6 342 PLA
Tapa servo 0.1 50% Yes 18 128 PLA or ABS
Base inferior 0.2 25% No 1 156 PLA
Base superior 0.2 25% No 1 158 PLA
Separador cuerpo 0.2 40% No 2 19 ABS
Soporte camara 0.2 40% No 1 20 ABS
Pie Yes 6

Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts Number
Countersink screw M2.5x20 13
Countersink screw M3x16 6
Screw M3x20 74
Nut M3 8
Washer M3 18
Countersink screw 2.2x6.5 72


Component Number
Towerpro MG996R 10kg Servo 18
Lipo Battery (2S or above) 1
XT60 Connector (Male) 1
Arduino Mega 2560 r3 1
Arduino Mega Proto Shield R3 1
Male Pin Strip 0.1'' 60
DC 7V-24V To DC 5V 3A USB 1
Raspberry Pi Model B 1
8GB SD Card 1
USB Wifi 1
Raspberry Pi Camera Board 1

WARN: To date, Raspberry Pi(RPi) B+ and RPi 2 have been released. Due to design specifications, the ***AntDroid frame can ONLY hold RPi B (NOT model B+)***. This is due to the place of the holes that the RPi board have. In fact, RPi B+ and RPi 2 have more holes (4 instead 2). In future upgrades we are going to fix this problem releasing a base to hold the new RPi. Meanwhile, RPi B+ is not supported. NOTE: Now we added a new base to support RPi 2.


Component Number
LiPo low voltage alarm 1
PS3 Dualshock controller 1
USB Bluetooth 1
USB hub external power supply 1

WARN: The SBEC doesn't alert of a low battery charge. It is highly recommendable to add a voltage alarm to the LiPo battery in order to not damage it.

The Raspberry Pi B has only two USB ports. One of them is going to be used by the serial connection with the Arduino MEGA. This fact leaves us two connectivity options:



If you want to use them at the same time you will have to buy a USB hub with external power supply because the RPi can not power several devices with a high power consumption.