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Smart Home Menu for snom phones
Python Shell
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Smart Home Menu for snom phones

Python code for phone D375 that was shown at CeBit 2016

Scope of menu

  • States of Homematic heater control (current temperature, set temperature, valve state, battery state, mode)
  • States of Homematic plug (on/off, power, voltage, current, frequency)
  • Switching of Homematic plug
  • State of Homematic window contact
  • HUE lamp switching
  • Room overview
  • Show webcam pictures
  • Weather infos (currently: Berlin)
  • Show RSS news feed (currently:
  • State of Raspberry Pi (GPU temperature, flash size, RAM size)
  • Show phone states per color of HUE lamps (per Action URL)
  • Display the lamp and switch state over the function key LED's
  • The strings in german / Deutsch!

Required hardware

  • snom io phone (recommend: snom D375)
  • Raspberry Pi (recommend: Raspberry Pi 2 B or Raspberry Pi 3 B)
  • Philips Hue bridge with 3 RGB lamps
  • Homematic Central Control Unit like CCU2 with:
  • Homematic Window Sensor like HM-Sec-SCo)
  • Homematic Radiator Thermostat (HM-CC-RT-DN)
  • Homematic Switch Actuator with power metering (HM-ES-PWSw1-Pl)
  • Homematic Temperature/Humidity Sensor like HM-WDS10-TH-O
  • IP-Webcam and/or Raspberry Pi camera


On a Raspberry Pi:

sudo raspi-config 
  • Go to this points:
  • "Expand Filesystem"
  • "Change User Password"
  • "Internationalisation Options" ==> "Change Timezone"
  • Reboot:
sudo reboot
  • Install webserver like lighttpd
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lighttpd
  • Download icons:
  • Download the openHAB "Runtime core" from
  • Unpack the file
  • Copy the PNG files from openHAB Runtime directory webapps/images/ to directory /var/www/html/icons/
  • Install Git:
sudo apt-get install git  
  • Copy the files from the repository to the home directory:
git clone
  • Install PIP (Python package manager):
sudo apt-get install python-pip 
  • Install miscellaneous Python packages:
sudo apt-get install python-dev  
sudo pip install simplejson
sudo pip install phue
sudo pip install psutil
sudo pip install feedparser
sudo pip install pyowm


On a Raspberry Pi:

  • Go in directory /home/pi/snom_smarthome/CeBit2016
  • Set the execute bits:
chmod +x *.py
chmod +x *.sh
  • Adapt in
  • server_ip to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi:
server_ip = ''
  • homematic_ip to the IP address of your Homematic CCU:
homematic_ip = ''
  • hue_ip to the IP address of your Philips Hue bridge:
config['hue_ip'] = ''
  • cam1_url to the URL of your IP Webcam for picture:
config['cam1_url'] = 'http://admin:admin@'
config['cam2_url'] = 'http://admin:admin@'
config['my_owm_api_key'] = '11111111111111111111111111111'
  • city the city for weather values:
config['city'] = 'Berlin,ger'
  • Change the addresses to your Homematic devices:
########################### Homematic ###########################
# Sockets:
config['addr_wz_socket1'] = 'LEQ4272335'
config['addr_az_socket1'] = 'LEQ4272349'
config['addr_sz_socket1'] = 'LEQ4272278'
# Heizungssteller (Thermostat):
config['addr_wz_heating1'] = 'MEQ4797228'
config['addr_sz_heating1'] = 'MEQ4797228'
# Temp./ Feuchte Sensor (Temp./ Humidity Sensor):
config['addr_az_sensor1'] = 'MEQ4202864'
# Fensterkontakt (Window Sensor):
config['addr_wz_window1'] = 'MEQ4484674'
  • Get new data from RSS feed:
  • Start main script:
python main
  • Press the configuration key on the Philips Hue Bridge
  • Crontab (crontab -e):
  • You can use the script for start per crontab and the script to update the RSS feed per crontab:
* * * * * /home/pi/snom_smarthome/CeBit2016/
0 * * * * /home/pi/snom_smarthome/CeBit2016/

On snom phone:

  • WEB GUI: "Function Keys" -key like SNOM/CLOUD / Type: "Action URL": "[http://IP_addr_of_Rasperry_Pi]:8083"
  • Setting on snom phone:
  • Action URL Settings on the snom phones:

HUE lamps

  • URL for HUE lamps (without menu): http://[IP Raspberry Pi]:8083/hue/[channel]/[color]
  • Channel: 1 – 3 (lamp 1 (WZ), 2 (AZ), 3 (SZ) )
  • Color: 0 – off, 1 – on, 2 – daylight, 3 – warmwhite, 4 – red, 5 – blue


  • Press the configured key of the snom phone like SNOM/CLOUD
  • Use the keys UP and DOWN to navigate to the menu

Problem solving

  • If the XML menus no longer respond properly in the phone or wrong menu items selects, then reboot phone.
  • If the HUE lights do not function, press on the Hue bridge the large central button
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