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A game built with React and Redux where players are shown a scrolling chart of an anonymous stock and can buy/sell shares. The chart is updated incrementally with 100 days of prices during the game. At the end of the game the player is name of the stock and time period are revealed.


App link: Anonymous Stock Trading Game

Local Installation

Install the API: follow the installation instructions on the API repo

To install and run the React app on your local machine:

  1. Click the green Clone or download button above and click the copy to clipboard button
  2. From your terminal, run git clone [paste the link from step 1]
  3. Then run cd stock-trading-game-client to navigate to the directory
  4. Run npm install to install the necessary packages and dependencies
  5. Create a .env file in the root of your local directory stock-trading-game-client/.env and add the following line: REACT_APP_API_URL=http://localhost:4000/api
  6. Run npm start to start the app