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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; (c) copyright 1998,1999,2000 by Michael McDonald (
;;; (c) copyright 2000 by
;;; Robert Strandh (
;;; (c) copyright 2005 by
;;; Andreas Fuchs (
;;; This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
;;; version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; Library General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License along with this library; if not, write to the
;;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;;; Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
;;; Really, I wouldn't bother with anything but ASDF. Almost every lisp
;;; ships with it, and it has the added benefit of ASDF-INSTALL.
;;; Get ASDF, and be welcome to the 21st century. -- [2005-01-31:asf]
(defpackage :mcclim.system
(:use :asdf :cl))
(in-package :mcclim.system)
(defparameter *clim-directory* (directory-namestring *load-truename*))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun find-swank-package ()
(find-package :swank))
(defun find-swank-system ()
(handler-case (asdf:find-system :swank)
(asdf:missing-component ())))
(defun find-swank ()
(or (find-swank-package)
(defun dep-on-swank ()
(if (and (find-swank-system)
(not (find-package :swank)))
(defun ifswank ()
(if (find-swank)
;;; Legacy CMUCL support stuff
(unless (fboundp 'ext:stream-read-char)
(unless (ignore-errors (ext:search-list "gray-streams:"))
(setf (ext:search-list "gray-streams:")
'("target:pcl/" "library:subsystems/")))
(if (fboundp 'extensions:without-package-locks)
(load "gray-streams:gray-streams-library"))
(load "gray-streams:gray-streams-library")))
#-(or clx clim-gtkairo clim-graphic-forms)
(require :clx)
#+mp (when (eq mp::*initial-process* mp::*current-process*)
(format t "~%~%You need to run (mp::startup-idle-and-top-level-loops) to start up the multiprocessing support.~%~%")))
;;; Make CLX asdf-loadable on Allegro 6.2
;;; possibly this should be further refined to funciton properly for
;;; Allegro on Windows platforms. [2005/04/18:rpg]
(defclass requireable-system (asdf:system)
(defmethod asdf:perform ((op asdf:load-op) (system requireable-system))
(require (intern (slot-value system 'asdf::name) :keyword)))
(defmethod asdf::traverse ((op asdf:load-op) (system requireable-system))
(list (cons op system)))
(defsystem :clx
:class requireable-system))
;;; Clozure CL native GUI stuff
(require :cocoa)
(defmacro clim-defsystem ((module &key depends-on) &rest components)
(asdf:defsystem ,module
,@(and depends-on
`(:depends-on ,depends-on))
:serial t
(,@(loop for c in components
for p = (merge-pathnames
(parse-namestring c)
(make-pathname :type "lisp"
:defaults *clim-directory*))
collect `(:file ,(namestring p) :pathname ,p))))))
(defsystem :clim-lisp
(;; First possible patches
(:file "patch")
(:module "Lisp-Dep"
:depends-on ("patch")
((:file #+cmu "fix-cmu"
#+scl "fix-scl"
#+excl "fix-acl"
#+sbcl "fix-sbcl"
#+openmcl "fix-openmcl"
#+lispworks "fix-lispworks"
#+clisp "fix-clisp")))
(:file "package" :depends-on ("Lisp-Dep" "patch"))))
(defsystem :clim-basic
:depends-on (:clim-lisp :spatial-trees (:version "flexichain" "1.5.1"))
:components ((:file "decls")
(:file "protocol-classes" :depends-on ("decls"))
(:module "Lisp-Dep"
:depends-on ("decls")
((:file #.(first
#+(and :cmu :mp (not :pthread)) "mp-cmu"
#+scl "mp-scl"
#+sb-thread "mp-sbcl"
#+excl "mp-acl"
#+openmcl "mp-openmcl"
#+lispworks "mp-lw"
#| fall back |# "mp-nil")))))
(:file "utils" :depends-on ("decls" "Lisp-Dep"))
(:file "design" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "utils"))
(:file "X11-colors" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "design"))
(:file "coordinates" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep"))
(:file "setf-star" :depends-on ("decls" "Lisp-Dep"))
(:file "transforms" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "coordinates" "utils"))
(:file "dead-keys" :depends-on ("decls"))
(:file "regions" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "coordinates" "utils" "transforms" "setf-star" "design"))
(:file "sheets" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "utils" "transforms" "regions"))
(:file "pixmap" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "sheets" "transforms" "regions"))
(:file "events" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "transforms" "sheets" "utils"))
(:file "ports" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "events" "sheets" "pixmap" "utils"))
(:file "grafts" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "sheets" "ports" "transforms" "regions"))
(:file "medium" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "ports" "X11-colors" "utils" "pixmap" "regions"
"transforms" "design"))
(:file "output" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "medium"))
(:file "input" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "events" "regions" "sheets"))
(:file "repaint" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "sheets" "events"))
(:file "graphics" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "output" "utils" "medium" "sheets" "pixmap"
"regions" "design" "transforms"))
(:file "views" :depends-on ("utils" "protocol-classes"))
(:file "stream-output" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "design" "utils" "X11-colors" "views"
"output" "sheets" "regions" "graphics"
"medium" "setf-star"))
(:file "recording" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "output" "coordinates" "graphics" "design"
"medium" "transforms" "regions" "sheets"
"utils" "stream-output"))
(:file "encapsulate" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "sheets" "graphics" "utils" "medium" "input"
"stream-output" "recording"))
(:file "stream-input" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "input" "ports" "sheets" "events"
"encapsulate" "transforms" "utils" "dead-keys"))
(:file "text-selection" :depends-on ("decls" "protocol-classes" "Lisp-Dep" "X11-colors" "medium" "output"
"transforms" "sheets" "stream-output"
"ports" "recording" "regions"
(:file "bezier" :depends-on ("recording"))))
(defsystem :goatee-core
:depends-on (:clim-basic)
((:module "Goatee"
((:file "conditions")
(:file "dbl-list")
(:file "flexivector" :depends-on ("conditions" "dbl-list"))
(:file "buffer" :depends-on ("conditions" "flexivector" "dbl-list"))
(:file "editable-buffer" :depends-on ("dbl-list" "flexivector" "buffer"))
(:file "editable-area" :depends-on ("flexivector" "editable-buffer" "dbl-list"
(:file "clim-area" :depends-on ("flexivector" "dbl-list" "buffer"
"editable-area" "editable-buffer"))
(:file "kill-ring" :depends-on ("editable-buffer" "dbl-list" "flexivector"
(:file "goatee-command" :depends-on ("conditions" "clim-area" "dbl-list"
"editable-buffer" "kill-ring"
"editable-area" "buffer" "flexivector"))
(:file "editing-stream" :depends-on ("goatee-command" "kill-ring" "dbl-list"
"conditions" "editable-buffer"
"flexivector" "clim-area" "buffer"))
(:file "presentation-history" :depends-on ("editing-stream" "buffer"
"flexivector" "editable-buffer"
;;; CLIM-PostScript is not a backend in the normal sense.
;;; It is an extension (Chap. 35.1 of the spec) and is an
;;; "included" part of McCLIM. Hence the defsystem is here.
(defsystem :clim-postscript
:depends-on (:clim-basic)
((:module "Backends/PostScript"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Backends" "PostScript"))
((:file "package")
(:file "encoding" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "paper" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "class" :depends-on ("paper" "package"))
(:file "font" :depends-on ("encoding" "class" "paper" "package"))
(:file "graphics" :depends-on ("encoding" "paper" "class" "font" "package"))
(:file "sheet" :depends-on ("paper" "class" "graphics" "package"))
(:file "afm" :depends-on ("class" "paper" "font" "package"))
(:file "standard-metrics" :depends-on ("font" "package"))))))
(defsystem :clim-core
:depends-on (:clim-basic :goatee-core :clim-postscript)
:components ((:file "text-formatting")
(:file "defresource")
(:file "presentations")
(:file "xpm")
(:file "bordered-output" :depends-on ("presentations"))
(:file "table-formatting" :depends-on ("presentations"))
(:file "input-editing" :depends-on ("presentations" "bordered-output" "table-formatting"))
(:file "pointer-tracking" :depends-on ("input-editing"))
(:file "graph-formatting")
(:file "frames" :depends-on ("commands" "presentations" "presentation-defs"
"pointer-tracking" "incremental-redisplay"))
(:file "dialog-views" :depends-on ("presentations" "incremental-redisplay"
"bordered-output" "presentation-defs"))
(:file "presentation-defs" :depends-on ("input-editing" "presentations"))
(:file "gadgets" :depends-on ("commands" "pointer-tracking" "input-editing"
"frames" "incremental-redisplay" "panes"))
(:file "describe" :depends-on ("presentations" "presentation-defs" "table-formatting"))
(:file "commands" :depends-on ("input-editing" "presentations"
(:file "incremental-redisplay" :depends-on ("presentation-defs"))
(:file "menu-choose" :depends-on ("commands" "table-formatting" "presentation-defs"
"panes" "frames" "pointer-tracking"
(:file "menu" :depends-on ("panes" "commands" "gadgets"
"presentations" "frames"))
(:file "panes" :depends-on ("incremental-redisplay" "presentations"
"presentation-defs" "input-editing" "frames"))
(:file "dialog" :depends-on ("panes" "frames" "incremental-redisplay"
"table-formatting" "presentations"
"bordered-output" "presentation-defs"
"dialog-views" "input-editing"
(:file "builtin-commands" :depends-on ("table-formatting"
"commands" "presentations"
"dialog" "presentation-defs"
(defsystem :esa-mcclim
:depends-on (:clim-core)
:components ((:module "ESA"
:components ((:file "packages")
(:file "utils" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "colors" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "esa" :depends-on ("colors" "packages" "utils"))
(:file "esa-buffer" :depends-on ("packages" "esa"))
(:file "esa-io" :depends-on ("packages" "esa" "esa-buffer"))
(:file "esa-command-parser" :depends-on ("packages" "esa"))))))
(defsystem :drei-mcclim
:depends-on ((:version "flexichain" "1.5.1") :esa-mcclim :clim-core #+#.(mcclim.system::dep-on-swank) :swank)
((:module "cl-automaton"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Drei" "cl-automaton"))
:components ((:file "automaton-package")
(:file "eqv-hash" :depends-on ("automaton-package"))
(:file "state-and-transition" :depends-on ("eqv-hash"))
(:file "automaton" :depends-on ("state-and-transition" "eqv-hash"))
(:file "regexp" :depends-on ("automaton"))))
(:module "Persistent"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Drei" "Persistent"))
:components ((:file "binseq-package")
(:file "binseq" :depends-on ("binseq-package"))
(:file "obinseq" :depends-on ("binseq-package" "binseq"))
(:file "binseq2" :depends-on ("binseq-package" "obinseq" "binseq"))))
(:module "Drei" :depends-on ("cl-automaton" "Persistent")
:components ((:file "packages")
(:file "buffer" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "delegating-buffer" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer"))
(:file "motion" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "syntax"))
(:file "editing" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "syntax" "motion" "kill-ring"))
(:file "base" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "persistent-buffer" "kill-ring"
(:file "syntax" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "base"))
(:file "modes" :depends-on ("packages" "syntax"))
(:file "views" :depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "base" "syntax" "persistent-undo"
"persistent-buffer" "undo" "abbrev"
"delegating-buffer" "modes"))
(:file "drei" :depends-on ("packages" "views" "motion" "editing"))
(:file "drei-clim" :depends-on ("drei"))
(:file "drei-redisplay" :depends-on ("drei-clim"))
(:file "drawing-options" :depends-on ("drei-redisplay"))
(:file "input-editor" :depends-on ("drei-redisplay" "lisp-syntax" "core"))
(:file "abbrev" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "kill-ring" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "undo" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "basic-commands" :depends-on ("drei-clim" "motion" "editing"))
(:file "core" :depends-on ("drei"))
(:file "fundamental-syntax" :depends-on ("packages" "drei-redisplay" "core"))
(:file "buffer-streams" :depends-on ("core"))
(:file "rectangle" :depends-on ("core"))
(:file "targets" :depends-on ("core"))
(:file "core-commands" :depends-on ("core" "rectangle" "drei-clim"))
(:file "persistent-buffer"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Persistent")
:name "persistent-buffer"
:type "lisp")
:depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "persistent-undo"
:pathname #p"Persistent/persistent-undo.lisp"
:depends-on ("packages" "buffer" "persistent-buffer" "undo"))
(:file "misc-commands" :depends-on ("basic-commands"))
(:file "search-commands" :depends-on ("core" "targets" "drei-clim"))
(:file "lr-syntax" :depends-on ("fundamental-syntax" "core" "drawing-options"))
(:file "lisp-syntax" :depends-on ("lr-syntax" "motion" "core"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-swine" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-commands" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax-swine" "misc-commands"))
#+#.(mcclim.system::ifswank) (:file "lisp-syntax-swank" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax"))))))
(defsystem :drei-tests
:depends-on (:drei-mcclim :fiveam)
((:module "Tests"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Drei" "Tests"))
:depends-on ("testing")
((:file "automaton-tests")
(:file "state-and-transition-tests" :depends-on ("automaton-tests"))
(:file "eqv-hash-tests" :depends-on ("automaton-tests"))
(:file "regexp-tests" :depends-on ("automaton-tests"))))
(:file "packages")
(:file "testing" :depends-on ("packages"))
(:file "buffer-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "base-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "kill-ring-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "motion-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "editing-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "core-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "buffer-streams-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "rectangle-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "undo-tests" :depends-on ("testing"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-tests" :depends-on ("testing" "motion-tests"))
(:file "lisp-syntax-swine-tests" :depends-on ("lisp-syntax-tests"))))))
(defsystem :clim
:depends-on (:clim-core :goatee-core :clim-postscript :drei-mcclim)
((:file "Goatee/presentation-history" ; XXX: this is loaded as part of the Goatee system. huh?
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Goatee") :name "presentation-history" :type "lisp"))
(:file "input-editing-goatee")
(:file "input-editing-drei")
(:file "text-editor-gadget")
(:file "Extensions/tab-layout"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Extensions")
:name "tab-layout"))))
(defsystem :clim-clx
:depends-on (:clim #+(or sbcl openmcl ecl allegro) :clx)
((:module "Backends/CLX"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Backends" "CLX"))
((:file "package")
(:file "image" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "keysyms-common" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "keysyms" :depends-on ("keysyms-common" "package"))
(:file "keysymdef" :depends-on ("keysyms-common" "package"))
(:file "port" :depends-on ("keysyms-common" "keysyms" "package"))
(:file "medium" :depends-on ("port" "keysyms" "package"))
(:file "graft" :depends-on ("port" "package"))
(:file "frame-manager" :depends-on ("medium" "port" "package"))))))
(defmethod asdf::traverse :around ((op compile-op) (c (eql (find-system :clim-clx))))
;; Just some random symbol I know is unexported in CLISP's CLX.
(if (eq (nth-value 1 (find-symbol "SET-SELECTION-OWNER" :xlib))
(restart-case (error "Your CLX is not capable of running the McCLIM CLX backend")
(load-clx-via-asdf ()
:report "Try replacing your CLX with a CLX loaded through ASDF, hopefully this will be Telent CLX."
(ext:without-package-lock ("XLIB")
(delete-package :xlib)
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :clx))
(defsystem :clim-beagle
:depends-on (clim)
((:module "Backends"
((:module "beagle"
:serial t
((:file "package")
(:file "cocoa-util")
(:module "native"
:components ((:file "lisp-bezier-path")
(:file "lisp-window")
(:file "lisp-window-delegate")
(:file "lisp-view"
:depends-on ("lisp-bezier-path"))
(:file "lisp-view-additional"
:depends-on ("lisp-view"))
(:file "lisp-scroller")
(:file "lisp-slider")
(:file "lisp-button")
(:file "lisp-image")))
(:module "windowing"
:depends-on ("native")
:components ((:file "port")
(:file "frame-manager")
(:file "mirror")
(:file "graft")))
(:module "native-panes"
:components ((:file "beagle-scroll-bar-pane")
(:file "beagle-slider-pane")
;; Basic buttons - not collections of buttons
(:file "beagle-fundamental-button-pane")
;; Button collections (radio + checkbox)
;; (:file "beagle-button-collection-pane")
(:file "scroller-pane-fix")))
(:module "output"
:depends-on ("windowing")
:components ((:file "medium")
(:file "fonts")))
(:module "input"
:depends-on ("windowing")
:components ((:file "events")
(:file "keysymdef")))
(:module "glimpse"
:components ((:file "glimpse")
(:file "glimpse-support")
(:file "glimpse-command-tables")
(:file "glimpse-present-process"
:depends-on ("glimpse" "glimpse-support"))
(:file "glimpse-present-window"
:depends-on ("glimpse" "glimpse-support"))
(:file "glimpse-modeless-commands"
:depends-on ("glimpse" "glimpse-support"))
(:file "glimpse-process-commands"
:depends-on ("glimpse" "glimpse-support"))
(:file "glimpse-window-commands"
:depends-on ("glimpse" "glimpse-support"))))
(:module "profile"
:components ((:file "profile")))
(:module "tests"
:components ((:file "drawing-tests")
(:file "graft-tests"))))))))
(defsystem :clim-null
:depends-on (:clim)
((:module "Backends/Null"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Backends" "Null"))
((:file "package")
(:file "port" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "medium" :depends-on ("port" "package"))
(:file "graft" :depends-on ("port" "package"))
(:file "frame-manager" :depends-on ("medium" "port" "package"))))))
(defsystem :clim-gtkairo
:depends-on (:clim :cffi)
((:module "Backends/gtkairo"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Backends" "gtkairo"))
:serial t ;asf wird's ja richten
((:file "clim-fix")
(:file "package")
(:file "gtk-ffi")
(:file "cairo-ffi")
(:file "ffi")
(:file "graft")
(:file "port")
(:file "event")
(:file "keys")
(:file "medium")
(:file "pango")
(:file "cairo")
(:file "gdk")
(:file "pixmap")
(:file "frame-manager")
(:file "gadgets")))))
(defsystem :clim-graphic-forms
:depends-on (:clim :graphic-forms-uitoolkit)
((:module "Backends/Graphic-Forms"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Backends" "Graphic-Forms"))
((:file "package")
(:file "utils" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "graft" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "port" :depends-on ("utils" "graft"))
(:file "medium" :depends-on ("port"))
(:file "pixmap" :depends-on ("medium"))
(:file "frame-manager" :depends-on ("medium"))
(:file "gadgets" :depends-on ("port"))))))
;;; TODO/asf: I don't have the required libs to get :clim-opengl to load. tough.
(clim-defsystem (:clim-opengl :depends-on (:clim))
;;; A system that loads the appropriate backend for the current
;;; platform.
(defsystem :clim-looks
:depends-on (:clim :clim-postscript
;; If we're on an implementation that ships CLX, use
;; it. Same if the user has loaded CLX already.
#+(and (or sbcl scl openmcl ecl clx allegro)
(not (or clim-gtkairo clim-graphic-forms clim-beagle)))
#+clim-graphic-forms :clim-graphic-forms
#+clim-gl :clim-opengl
;; OpenMCL and MCL support the beagle backend (native
;; OS X look&feel on OS X).
#+clim-beagle :clim-beagle
#+clim-gtkairo :clim-gtkairo
;; null backend
:components (#-(or clim-gtkairo clim-graphic-forms clim-beagle)
(:file "Looks/pixie"
:pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Looks") :name "pixie" :type "lisp"))))
;;; The actual McCLIM system that people should to use in their ASDF
;;; package dependency lists.
(defsystem :mcclim
:version "0.9.7-dev"
:depends-on (:clim-looks))
(defmethod perform :after ((op load-op) (c (eql (find-system :clim))))
(pushnew :clim *features*)
(pushnew :mcclim *features*))
(defmethod perform :after ((op load-op) (c (eql (find-system :mcclim))))
(pushnew :clim *features*)
(pushnew :mcclim *features*))
;; XXX This is very ugly, but ESA and Drei need to know whether they
;; are being compiled as part of McCLIM, or in another CLIM
;; implementation.
(defmethod perform :around (op c)
(if (and (or (eql (component-system c) (find-system :esa-mcclim))
(eql (component-system c) (find-system :drei-mcclim)))
(not (find :building-mcclim *features*)))
(unwind-protect (progn (push :building-mcclim *features*)
(setf *features* (delete :building-mcclim *features*)))
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