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Fall back to DejaVu instead of Vera, and fix serif italic filename.

It's not clear to me whether there used to be a serif oblique font which
has been superceded by the italic version, or whether the DejaVu filenames
have been broken since their inception and just were never fully tested.
Hopefully the latter.
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Andy Hefner
Andy Hefner committed Jan 31, 2010
1 parent 23129a7 commit 074f42354d99587b82be1cf6fd18689990df2530
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 Experimental/freetype/xrender-fonts.lisp
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
((:FIX (:ITALIC :BOLD)) . "DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique.ttf")
((:FIX :BOLD) . "DejaVuSansMono-Bold.ttf")
((:SERIF :ROMAN) . "DejaVuSerif.ttf")
- ((:SERIF :ITALIC) . "DejaVuSerif-Oblique.ttf")
+ ((:SERIF :ITALIC) . "DejaVuSerif-Italic.ttf")
((:SERIF (:BOLD :ITALIC)) . "DejaVuSerif-BoldOblique.ttf")
((:SERIF (:ITALIC :BOLD)) . "DejaVuSerif-BoldOblique.ttf")
((:SERIF :BOLD) . "DejaVuSerif-Bold.ttf")
@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@
((:SANS-SERIF (:ITALIC :BOLD)) . "DejaVuSans-BoldOblique.ttf")
((:SANS-SERIF :BOLD) . "DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf")))
-(defvar *families/faces* *vera-families/faces*)
+(defparameter *families/faces* *dejavu-families/faces*)
(defparameter *truetype-font-path* #p"/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu/")

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