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Fix bug in stream-write-string on filling-streams which caused an error

if the END keyword is nil, observable when climacs attempts to print a
lisp arglist (strange this wasn't observed earlier, though).
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Andy Hefner
Andy Hefner committed Nov 30, 2008
1 parent c017e60 commit f06a05c0f1981146663db9fc366a0c9fecfb7d36
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@@ -81,8 +81,8 @@ SUPPRESS-SPACE-AFTER-CONJUNCTION are non-standard."
(defmethod stream-write-string :around ((stream filling-stream) string
- &optional (start 0) (end (length string)))
- (dotimes (i (- end start))
+ &optional (start 0) end)
+ (dotimes (i (- (or end (length string)) start))
(stream-write-char stream (aref string (+ i start)))))
;;; All the monkey business with the lambda form has to do with capturing the

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