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<b>Redis0100ChangeLog: Contents</b><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="#Redis 0.100 Changelog">Redis 0.100 Changelog</a>
<h1 class="wikiname">Redis0100ChangeLog</h1>
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<h1><a name="Redis 0.100 Changelog">Redis 0.100 Changelog</a></h1>
<pre class="codeblock python" name="code">
- SUNION, SDIFF, SUNIONSTORE, SDIFFSTORE commands implemented. (Aman Gupta, antirez)
- Non blocking replication. Now while N slaves are synchronizing, the master will continue to ask to client queries. (antirez)
- PHP client ported to PHP5 (antirez)
- FLUSHALL/FLUSHDB no longer sync on disk. Just increment the dirty counter by the number of elements removed, that will probably trigger a background saving operation (antirez)
- INCRBY/DECRBY now support 64bit increments, with tests (antirez)
- New fields in INFO command, bgsave_in_progress and replication related (antirez)
- Ability to specify a different file name for the DB (... can't remember ...)
- GETSET command, atomic GET + SET (antirez)
- SMOVE command implemented, atomic move-element across sets operation (antirez)
- Ability to work with huge data sets, tested up to 350 million keys (antirez)
- Warns if /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory is set to 0 on Linux. Also make sure to don't resize the hash tables while the child process is saving in order to avoid copy-on-write of memory pages (antirez)
- Infinite number of arguments for MGET and all the other commands (antirez)
- CPP client (Brian Hammond)
- DEL is now a vararg, IMPORTANT: memory leak fixed in loading DB code (antirez)
- Benchmark utility now supports random keys (antirez)
- Timestamp in log lines (antirez)
- Fix SINTER/UNIONSTORE to allow for &amp;=/|= style operations (i.e. SINTERSTORE set1 set1 set2) (Aman Gupta)
- Partial qsort implemented in SORT command, only when both BY and LIMIT is used (antirez)
- Allow timeout=0 config to disable client timeouts (Aman Gupta)
- Alternative (faster/simpler) ruby client API compatible with Redis-rb (antirez)
- S*STORE now return the cardinality of the resulting set (antirez)
- TTL command implemented (antirez)
- Critical bug about glueoutputbuffers=yes fixed. Under load and with pipelining and clients disconnecting on the middle of the chat with the server, Redis could block. (antirez)
- Different replication fixes (antirez)
- SLAVEOF command implemented for remote replication management (antirez)
- Issue with redis-client used in scripts solved, now to check if the latest argument must come from standard input we do not check that stdin is or not a tty but the command arity (antirez)
- Warns if using the default config (antirez)
- maxclients implemented, see redis.conf for details (antirez)
- max bytes of a received command enlarged from 1k to 32k (antirez)
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