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PhishLulz is a Ruby toolset aimed at automating Phishing activities.

When you start a phishing campaign, a dedicated Amazon EC2 (Debian 7) instance is spawned. The VM comes with various open source tools that have been glued together. The two main components are:

PhishLulz comes with its own self-signed CA: this is needed to generate self-signed certs for the PhishingFrenzy admin UI. You will also find a bunch of cool phishing templates (which are not in PF) that you can quickly re-use in your scenarios.

Automatic domain registration is still TODO, however you can play with the almost-working code for the NameCheap registrar.

PhishLulz AWS AMI

The public AMI id is: ami-141bb974 You want to clone that, add your SSH keys, and use your nre clone.

The following are default passwords for various services, change them.

  • MySQL root user: phishlulz_mysql
  • PhishingFrenzy admin user: phishlulz_frenzy
  • BeEF beef user: phishlulz_beef

To change the default admin user password/email for PhishingFrenzy use the Rails console: cd /var/www/phishing-frenzy && RAILS_ENV=production rails console admin = Admin.first admin.password = "newpasswd" = "newemail"! exit

PhishLulz Toolset

  • phish_lulz: main script to start/stop phishing instances
  • tools/find_resources: multi-threaded subdomain discovery and fingerprinting tool
  • tools/mailboxbug: multi-threaded webmail data extruder
  • tools/mail_parser: simple script to extract html/txt from an .eml email file
  • namecheap_wrapper: WIP for automated domain registration

PhishLulz material released at KiwiCon X

![KiwiCon X talk slides]

![PhishLulz phishing]

![MailBoxBug against Outlook Office365]


  • Amazon AWS account (see main config.yaml)
  • Non-Winzozz OS (path separators are hardcoded on purpose to don't make it compatible with Winzozz)
  • ssh, scp, openssl in PATH
  • Sane Ruby environment (RVM suggested). Install the required gems with: gem install sinatra thin watir-webdriver headless colorize datamapper dm-sqlite-adapter dm-timestamps dm-migrations fog nokogiri mail net-ssh --no-rdoc --no-ri
  • Gecko/Chrome drivers

To instrument Firefox you need to have the geckodriver binary in your PATH. Download it from Same thing applies if you prefer instrumenting Chrome, you need the chromedriver.

Once you have the binary, make sure it's in the PATH: export PATH=$PATH:path_to_driver_dir

Finally, make sure the MailBoxBug data extrusion domain has a valid HTTPS certificate (Mixed content...)

Get Involved

PhishLulz is supposed to be used by experienced people, so make sure you know what you're doing before spamming the Github issue tracker with non-sense questions.

If you like PhishLulz and the toolset, pull requests would be much appreciated ;-)

Twitter: @antisnatchor


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