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pip install picka - Picka is a python based data generation and randomization module which aims to increase coverage by increasing the amount of tests you _dont_ have to write by hand.
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Picka: A Python module for data generation and randomization.

Author:Anthony Long
Version:1.0.1 - Fixed the broken image stuff. Whoops

What is Picka?

Picka generates randomized data for testing.

Data is generated both from a database of known good data (which is included), or by generating realistic data (valid), using string formatting (behind the scenes).

Picka has a function for any field you would need filled in. With selenium, something like would populate the "field-name-here" box for you, 100 times with random names.

for x in xrange(101):
        self.selenium.type('field-name-here', picka.male_name())

But this is just the beginning. Other ways to implement this, include using dicts:

user_information = {
        "first_name": picka.male_name(),
        "last_name": picka.last_name(),
        "email_address":, extension=''),
        "password": picka.password_numerical(6),

This would provide:

        "first_name": "Jack",
        "last_name": "Logan",
        "email_address": "",
        "password": "485444"

Don't forget, since all of the data is considered "clean" or valid - you can also use it to fill selects and other form fields with pre-defined values. For example, if you were to generate a state; picka.state() the result would be "Alabama". You can use this result to directly select a state in an address drop-down box.



def search_for_garbage():'')
        selenium.type('id=search_box', picka.random_string(10))

def test_search_for_garbage_results():
        assert selenium.get_xpath_count('id=results') == 0


driver = webdriver.Firefox()
x = {
        "name": [

Funcargs / pytest

def pytest_generate_tests(metafunc):
        if "test_string" in metafunc.funcargnames:
                for i in range(10):

def test_func(test_string):
        assert test_string.isalpha()
        assert len(test_string) == 20

MySQL / SQLite

first, last, age = picka.first_name(), picka.last_name(), picka.age()
   "insert into user_data (first_name, last_name, age) VALUES (?, ?, ?)",
   (first, last, age)


def post(host, data):
        http = httplib.HTTP(host)
        return http.send(data)

def test_post_result():
        post("www.spam.egg/bacon.htm", picka.random_string(10))
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