Generic symbol table for lexically/statically scoped languages
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A generic symbol table for lexically/statically scoped languages. The library is slightly dependent on ANTLR parse tree types, ParserRuleContext, but you could strip these out if you want to use it without ANTLR and don't want the dependency.

Uses Java 8 (a little).

Grab the latest jar, javadoc.

Maven users should use group id org.antlr and artifact id symtab.

Here is the class hiearchy:

Or, zooming in on the aggregate symbols:

Building / installing

It's just a bunch of Java code so you can compile it like any other pile of code in a development environment. It requires Java 8.

The easiest method is to use maven:

$ cd symtab
$ javac -version
javac 1.8.0_31
$ mvn package
[INFO] Building jar: /Users/parrt/antlr/code/symtab/target/symtab-1.0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar

Or you can mvn install to have it placed into your ~/.m2 maven cache.


Simple example from my prog lang course

Releasing version

mvn deploy
mvn release:prepare
mvn release:perform

It will start out by asking you the version number and other stuff then update pom.xml.

Then go to sonatype staing repo mgr

Handy command to wack snapshots:

$ curl -v -u user:password -X DELETE