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Web books initiatives

A list of different initiatives of web books, listed chronologically (creation dates).

Definition of the web book concept

A web book, or webbook, is a book readable in a browser: a collection of organised documents, structured in parts (like chapters), with some navigation tools (like a table of contents or TOC), readable on the web and linkable. There are different levels of technological efficiency: mobile friendly (aka responsive), offline readable, Progressive Web Application (PWA), etc.


Behind this list, a french article about the web book concept: Le livre web, une autre forme du livre numérique by Antoine Fauchié, october 24th 2016.

List of web book initiatives

Adaptive Web Design, First Edition, Aaron Gustafson, 2011 [en]

A book about the progressive enhancement philosophy.

responsive offline readable Progressive Web Application

HTML5 For Web Designers, Jeremy Keith, 2011 [en]

A book about HTML5.

Informations about the project

responsive offline readable Progressive Web Application

The Shape of Design, Frank Chimero, 2012 [en]

A book about design.


Getting Started With MailChimp, MailChimp, 2013 [en]

A guide about MailChimp, the email marketing service.

MailChimp makes available a serie of guides, they are all web books:

responsive one page

High Performance Browser Networking, Ilya Grigorik, 2013 [en]

A book about browser performance.

responsive offline readable Progressive Web Application

Practical Typography, Matthew Butterick, 2013 [en]

A book about (practical) typography.


Designing for the Web, Mark Boulton, 2014 [en]

A book about web design, or designing for the web.

responsive EPUB

Eloquent JavaScript, Marijn Haverbeke, 2014 [en]

A book about JavaScript.


From Papyrus to Pixels, The Economist, 2014 [en]

A book about the future of the book.

responsive audio version skeuomorphism

Greek and Roman Political Ideas, Melissa Lane, 2014 [en]

A book about politic.

Other web books in the Pelican collection:

responsive paywall

Le design des programmes, Anthony Masure, 2014 [fr]

Doctoral thesis of Anthony Masure.


Radius, 2014 [fr]

A collective and fictional book by the french publisher Walrus.

responsive paywall

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, Richard Rutter, 2014 [en]

A book about web typography.


Atom Flight Manual, Atom, 2015 [en]

A guide about the text/code editor

modifications open

Atomic Design, Brad Frost, 2015 [en]

A book about atomic design, a process of design from Brad Frost.


responsive modifications open

Le livre 010101, Marie Lebert, 2015 [fr]

A book about ebook history.

Informations about the project, source files.

responsive offline readable

Professional Web Typography, Donny Truong, 2015 [en]

A book about web typography.

responsive offline readable Progressive Web Application

Sass Guidelines, Hugo Giraudel, 2015 [en+fr+...]

A book about Sass, in many languages.

Source files.

responsive one page modifications open

Startup Playbook, Sam Altman, 2015 [en]

A book about how to build a startup.


Designing for Performance, Lara Callender Hogan, 2016 [en]

A book about design and performance.

An article about the book's design process.


Introduction to Metadata, Third Edition, Edited by Murtha Baca, 2016 [en]

A book about metadata.

Informations about the Getty Publications' workflow


MaintainableCSS, Adam Silver, 2016 [en]

A book about writing modular, scalable, and maintainable CSS.


Node.js, Bonnes pratiques pour la programmation JavaScript applicative, universelle et modulaire, Thomas Parisot, 2016 [fr]

A book about Node.js.

responsive modifications open

Resilient web design, Jeremy Keith, 2016 [fr]

A book about web design.

Informations about the project, source files.

responsive offline readable Progressive Web Application modifications open EPUB

Typography Handbook, Kenneth Wang, 2016 [en]

A book about best web typographic practices.

responsive one page

Un petit livre à l'usage des parents, pour mieux comprendre leurs enfants à travers les jeux., De la part de Lego, 2016 [fr]

Digitization of a Lego manual by Thomas Gasc.

Informations about the project.

responsive one page digitization

Vietnamese typography, Donny Truong, 2016 [en]

A book about vietnamese typography.

responsive offline readable

Programming Design Systems, Rune Madsen

A book about "the new foundations of graphic design".

Source files

responsive modifications open

Seeing Theory, A visual introduction to probability and statistics, Daniel Kunin, 2017 [en]

A book about statistics and design.

interactive modifications open

Site Reliability Engineering, Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff and Niall Richard Murphy, 2017 [en]

A book about "Site Reliability Engineering", published by O'Reilly Media.


Web Push Book, Matt Gaunt, 2017 [en]

A book about web push notifications.

responsive modifications open

The Economy

A book about economics, build with the Electric Book Workflow.

responsive modular

A Trilingual Manuscript of the New Testament in Digital Research, Sara Schulthess, HumaReC, 2018 [en]

A book about Humanities research.

responsive versioned

Mythologies postphotographiques, Servanne Monjour, Parcours numériques, 2018 [fr]

A book about "post-photographic mythologies" (in the Parcours numériques collection).


The First Six Books of The Elements of Euclid With Coloured Diagrams and Symbols, Oliver Byrne, Nicholas Rougeux, 2018 [en]

A book about mathematics.

responsive reprinting digitization

New Deal Photography: The Works of Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, Judith Keller, Getty Publications, 2019 [en]

A starter theme for Quire, a multiformat digital publishing framework developed by Getty Publications.

responsive modular multimodal

An In-Depth Study of Google Translate for 103 Languages, Martin Benjamin, 2019 [en]

"An In-Depth Study of Google Translate for 103 Languages".

responsive blog base

La social-démocratie est une chanson à boire, Otto Borg, Abrüpt, 2019 [fr]

A book about social democracy?

responsive single HTML file

Idiosyncracies of the HTML parser, Simon Pieters, 2019 [en]

A book about the HTML parser.

responsive modifications open

Why Cryptocurrencies? Jonas Hietala, 2019 [en]

A book about cryptocurrency, made with Pollen.

responsive modifications open

Exigeons de meilleures bibliothèques, David R. Lankes, 2019 [fr]

A book about librairies made by Atelier [sens public] and with Markdown, Pandoc and other programs.

Source files

responsive versioned multimodal

Ise-ji: Walk With Me, Craig Mod, 2020 [en]

A book about a walk in Japan and landscape photography.

one page responsive




A list of different initiatives of web books.






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